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Monday, December 31, 2012

Campus Wale Couple (CWC) Launches Tomorrow

CWC alias Campus Wale Couple received overwhelming response from couples and their batch-mates. It connected us with more than 30 esteemed alumni of batches ranging from 80s to 90s whom we were unable to contact by other means so far.

We had a strong chapter in Rajasthan but chapter was unaware of the presence of Mr. Manas Gupta & Ms. Swaty Prakash in Jaipur. This initiative brought us close to them & several such campus couples.

Alumni of respective batches & specially Prof. M.R. Dua helped us a lot in this initiative with their valuable inputs.

IIMC Alumni Association would like to thank all who enriched this lovely list of CWC family. We shall run this album starting January 1 to February 14.



Saturday, December 29, 2012

J&K Chapter Inception meeting in Srinagar now on Dec 30

Dear IIMCians,


The inception meeting of the Jammu & Kashmir Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association will take place at the office of Mr. Malik Sajid, Editor-in-Chief, The Kashmir Scenario, Yousf Manzil Extension, Rajbagh, Srinagar on December 30 at 2.00 PM.


IIMCians living/ working in Jammu & Kashmir are requested to attend the first meeting of the chapter which will elect/ select the office bearers of this chapter.


For more details please contact Chapter Coordinator Ms. Archana Kumari at 9797830972


Facebook Group only for IIMCians living or working in J&K



Thanks & Regards,

Harshendra Verdhan

Organisation Secretary

Friday, December 28, 2012

J&K Chapter Inception meeting in Srinagar on Dec 29

Dear IIMCians,


The inception meeting of the Jammu & Kashmir Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association will take place at the office of Mr. Malik Sajid, Editor-in-Chief, The Kashmir Scenario, Yousf Manzil Extension, Rajbagh, Srinagar on December 29 at 2.00 PM.


IIMCians living/ working in Jammu & Kashmir are requested to attend the first meeting of the chapter which will elect/ select the office bearers of this chapter.


For more details please contact Chapter Coordinator Ms. Archana Kumari at 9797830972


Facebook Group only for IIMCians living or working in J&K



Thanks & Regards,

Harshendra Verdhan

Organisation Secretary

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

IIMCAA Membership drive starts on December 28

Dear IIMCians,
We are happy to inform that Mr. Sunit Tandon, DG, IIMC cum Patron, IIMC Alumni Association will launch the membership drive of the Association at 03.00 PM on December 28 (Friday) at IIMC HeadquarterNew Delhi.

All IIMCians are requested to attend the event which will mark the opening of nationwide membership drive of the Association.
Animesh Biswas
General Secretary, IIMCAA

The Times of India needs Chief Copy Editor in Ahmedabad

The Times of India is looking for a Chief Copy Editor for itsAhmedabad edition.


* Graduate in any discipline
* Minimum 5 years' experience on the desk in a newspaper
* Excellent command over English language
* Good news judgement, editing and page making skills
* Should be able to coordinate and liaise with reporters, photographers & designers and work under tight deadlines
* A degree / diploma in Journalism will be an added advantage

To apply: Interested candidates can send resumes and compensation / salary details to at the earliest

Source: Jobs Media

Odisha Chapter Get Together & Election on 30 December

Dear IIMCians,
2nd meeting and Get Together of IIMC Alumni Association, Odisha Chapter will take place on at Chandi Mandir, Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar on December 30 at 09:00 AM.
IIMCians working or living in Odisha are requested to attend the get together and participate in the election process.
The meeting would approve the proposed panel or elect a panel if any other panel proposed to look after the affairs of Odisha Chapter. Panel for the consideration is as follows:-
President- Durgashish
Vice Presidents- Partha Sarathi Behera, Arindam Das & Jyoti Prakash Nayak
General Secretary- Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra
Organisation Secretary- Sudhansu Kumar Patro
Secretaries- Punyashloka, Pratyush Saa, Rubi Nanda, Arup Dalai, Satya Narayan Mallick
Treasurer- Sanjay Kumar Sahu

For further information please contact:

Sudhanshu Kumar Patro: 09437056642

Punya slok Mishra: 09861868198
Thanks & Regards,

Sudhanshu Kumar Patro

Coordinator, IIMCAA, Odisha

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pan-India & Abroad IIMCAA Network List

President- Santosh Valmiki, HJ, 1989-90, Delhi
Vice-President- Dayashankar Shukla Sagar, HJ, 1991-92, Delhi
Vice President- Naseerudeen Haidar Khan, HJ, 1991-92, Delhi
Vice President- Pradeep Mishra, HJ, 1989-90, Delhi
General Secretary- Pankaj Jha, HJ, 1997-98, Delhi
Organisation Secretary-Kamlesh Rathore
Secretary- Ansumaan Tiwari, HJ, 1990-91, Delhi
Secretary- Arshi Rafique, EJ, 2000-01, EJ, Delhi
Secretary- Arvind Shukla, HJ, 2005-06, Delhi
Treasurer- Laxmi Shankar Mishra- HJ, 2009-10, Delhi
PRO- Shubhi Chanchal- HJ, 2011-12, Delhi
Western Uttar Pradesh Sub Chapter, Meerut
President- Pradeep Mishra, HJ- 1989-90, Delhi
Vice-President- Shambhu Bhadra, HJ, 1997-98, Delhi
General Secretary- Arvind Shukla- HJ, 2005-06, Delhi
Treasurer- Rakesh Pandey- HJ, 2004-05, Delhi
Organisation Secretary- Samarth Saraswat, HJ, 2011-12, Delhi
Executive Member- Subhash Chand, RTV, 2003-04, Delhi
Executive Member- Brahamanand Mishra, HJ, 2011-12, Delhi
Kanpur Sub Chapter, Kanpur
Praveen Mohta (2004-05) - President
Ms. Vrishali Jain (2015-16)- General Secretary
Mr. Anurag Gupta  (2013-14)- Treasurer
Ms. Shikha Singh (2009-10)- Executive Member
Mr. Sachin Dixit (2009-10)- Executive Member
Ms. Avinash Dwivedi (2015-16)- Executive Member
Facebook Group- Uttar Pradesh Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE
President- Ms. Gayatri Srivastava (EJ, 1996-97)
Vice President- Mr. Dhananjay Roy (EJ, 2002-03)
General Secretary- Mr. Devidutta Tripathy (EJ, 2003-04)
Organisation Secretary- Ms. Kamini Patil (HJ, 2012-13)
Treasurer- Ms. Dolly Bansiwar (RTV, 2012-13)
Executive Member- Mr. Suryakant Mishra (EJ, 1993-94)
Executive Member- Mr. Braj Kishore (EJ, 1995-96)
Executive Member- Mr. Virendra Mishra (HJ, 1996-97)
Executive Member- Mr. Neeraj Bajpai (HJ, 1996-97)
Executive Member- Ms. Sonam Saini (EJ, 2011-12)

Pune Sub Chapter
President- Debarati Mukharjee, EJ, 2008-09, New Delhi
General Secretary- Gasha Aeri, RTV, 2008-09, New Delhi
Organisation Secretary- Neha Dave, Ad-PR, 2011-12, New Delhi
Treasurer- Deepak Sinha, EJ, 2010-11, New Delhi
Facebook Group- Maharashtra Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Sanjay Kumar Sahoo, EJ, 2002-03, Dhenkanal
Vice President- Partha Sarathi Behera, OJ, 2001-02, Dhenkanal
Vice President- Arindam Das, OJ, 2004-05, Dhenkanal
Vice President- Jyoti Prakash Nayak, EJ, 2006-07, Dhenkanal
General Secretary- Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra, OJ, 2002-03, Dhenkanal
Organisation Secretary- Sudhansu Kumar Patro, OJ, 2007-08, Dhenkanal
Secretary- Punyashloka Mishra, OJ, 2007-08, Dhenkanal
Secretary- Pratyush Saa, OJ, 2007-08, Dhenkanal
Secretary- Ruby Nanda, EJ, 2006-07, Delhi
Secretary- Arup Dalai, OJ, 2006-07, Dhenkanal
Secretary- Satya Narayan Mallick, OJ, 2003-04, Dhenkanal
Mr. Kishan Barai, OJ, 2013-14, Dhenkanal
Joint Secretary- Ananta Prasad, OJ, 2009-10, Dhenkanal
Joint Secretary- Ms. Sasmita Paikray, OJ, 2013, Dhenkanal
Joint Secretary- Mr. Binayak Mishra, OJ, 2012-2013, Dhenkanal
Facebook Group- Odisha Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Bhola Nath- 1990-91- HJ, Delhi
Vice-President- KK Lall- 1990-91- HJ, Delhi
Vice-President- Rajiv Ranjan- 1991-91, HJ, Delhi
General Secretary- Mr. Saqib Khan
Organisation Secretary- Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar Saha
Secretary & Treasurer- Ms. Banjot Kaur
Facebook Group- Bihar Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Jharkhand Chapter
President- Mr. Manoj Kumar
Vice President- Mr. Kumar Rajesh, Mr. Amit Kumar Gupta
General Secretary- Mr. Ankush Singh
Secretary- Mr. Ashwani Nigam, Mr. Pranav Pratyush
Treasurer- Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh
Organisation Secretary- Mr. Puja Arpita Oraon
Executive Members- Mr. Kishore Kumar, Mr. Anupam Rana, Mr. Vinay Saurabh, Mr. Satya Prakash Chaudhary, Mr. Divyanshu, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Mr. Amish, Mr. Navedu Shekhar Pandey, Ms. Manisha Singh, Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, Ms. Deepika, Mr. Rajesh Kumar.
Facebook Group- Jharkhand Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Alice Guram, EJ, 1991-92m Delhi
Vice President- Hindol Basu, RTV, 2006-07, Delhi
Vice President- Gajendra Singh Bhati, HJ, 2008-09, Delhi
General Secretary- Muni Shankar, HJ, 2011-12, Delhi
Secretary- Lata Kashyap, HJ, 2009-10, Delhi
Treasurer- Mahendra Kumar, HJ, 2009-10, Delhi
Executive Member- Radhe Krishna- Ad-PR, 2010-11, Delhi
Executive Member- Inderjeet Yadav, HJ, 2010-11, Delhi
Facebook Group- Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Mr. Anil Saumitra
Vice-President- Mr. Vijay Dubey
General Secretary- Ms. Ananya Moitra as
Organisation Secretary- Mr. Amit Pathe
Treasurer- Mr. Pankaj Sharma
Coordinator- Mr. Santosh Kumar
Indore Sub Chapter
Coordinator- Gaurav Shrivastava, Ad-PR, 2004-05, Delhi
Facebook Group- Madhya Pradesh Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Chhattisgarh Chapter
President- Ms. Sangeeta Madan Rasaily (AD&PR, 1990-91)
Vice President- Mr. Vinod Kumar (HJ, 2002-03)
General Secretary- Mr. Santosh Kumar (HJ, 1991-92)
Treasurer- Mr. Harsh Dubey (HJ, 2014-15)
Organisation Secretary- Mr. Mrigendra Pandey (HJ, 2005-06)
Executive Member- Mr. Neeraj Mishra (EJ, 1990-91)
Executive Member- Mr. Bishnu Kumar (RTV, 2008-09)
Executive Member- Mr. Vikash Sahu (HJ, 2014-15)

Facebook Group- Chhattisgarh Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Pradeep Mallik- PGDJ-1985-86, Delhi
General Secretary- Arvind Kumar, EJ, 2003-04, Delhi
Treasurer- Piyush Mishra- EJ, 2012-13, Amravati
Facebook Group- Gujarat Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Patrons: Anurag Vajpa​y​i ​(1991-92 HJ) & Shalini Joshi ​​(HJ 1994-95)​​
President: Amrita Maurya ​(HJ 1994-95)​
Vice President: Nalin Kumar​ (HJ 1995-96)​
General Secretary: ​S​achin Saini​ (EJ 2006-07)​
Secretary: Madhav Sharma​ (RTV 2012-13)​
Treasurer: Sumit Bhag​a​sara​ (HJ 2014-15)​
Executives  (10 members ):
​Ratan Singh Shekhawat​ (HJ 2004-05)​
Abhishek Singhal​ (HJ​ 2001-02)
Vivek Jadon​ (HJ 2001-02)​
Nitin ​ Kumar ​Mittal​ (EJ 1999-2000)
​Gunjan Jain​ (HJ 2010-11)
Ravi Sharma​ (HJ 2010-11)​
Ankit Dhaka​ (HJ 2012-13)​​
Kiran Kindo ​(HJ 2012-13)​
Mohar Singh Meena​ (HJ 2014-15)​
Ajay Kumar Jakhar​ (RTV 2015-16)​
Facebook Group- Rajasthan Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Mr. Subir Bhaumik, EJ, 1982-83, Delhi
General Secretary- Piyali Chatterjee, RTV, 2011-12, Delhi
Treasurer- Mr. Saptarishi Majumdar, Ad-PR, 2005-06, Delhi
Facebook Group- West Bengal Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Chapter 
President- Byomakesh Biswal
Vice Presidents- Santiswarupa Samantaray, Niharkanta Panda, Chetan Mallik
General Secretary- Rajesh Parida
Secretary- Ashok Pattanaik, Jayanta Sahu, Manoj Das, Safi Ahmed
Organisation Secretary- Santiswarupa Samantaray
Treasurer- Sucharita Sahu
Exeutive Members- Abinash Mohapatra, Arpita Aparajita
Facebook Group- Andhra Pradesh Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Ramesh Muniyappa (EJ- Delhi, 1991-92 Batch) 
General Secretary- Rama Nedungadi ((Ad & PR- Delhi, 1991-92 Batch) 
Organisation Secretary- Chaithanya Krishnaraju (Ad & PR- Delhi, 2013-14 Batch)
Treasurer- Ms. Surabhi Shandilya (EJ- Dhenkanal, 2010-11 Batch)
Facebook Group- Karnataka Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Amar Nath, HJ, 1996-97, Delhi
General Secretary- Sneha Bhattacharjee, EJ, 2009-10, Dhenakanal
Treasurer- Hussain Kodinhi, RTV, 2004-05, Delhi
Facebook Group- Tamil Nadu Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

North East Chapter
President: Samudragupta Kashyap
Vice-president: Jahnabi Phookan, Manoj Khandelwal, Numal MahattaGeneral Secretary: Teresa Rehman
Treasurer: Manas Pratim Sarma
Liasoning Secretary: Akansha Bhagawati
Facebook Group- North East Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

President- Zafar Anjum, EJ, 1995-96 Batch, Delhi
General Secretary- Saurabh Chaturvedi, EJ, 2006-07 Batch, Delhi
Treasurer- Rayana Pandey, EJ, 2006-07 Batch, Delhi
Facebook Group- Singapore Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Uzbekistan Chapter
Mr. Beruni S. Alimov, President
Fotimakhon Makhsimova, General Secretary
Facebook Group- Uzbekistan Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Coordinator- Neethu Mohan, EJ, 2011-12, Delhi
Joint Coordinator- Mr. Muhsin, EJ, 2009-10, Dhenkanal
Facebook Group- Kerala Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Coordinator- Priyanka Goswami, HJ, 2012-13, Delhi
Facebook Group- Uttarakhand Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Coordinator- Rakesh Nayak, EJ, 2002-03, Delhi
Facebook Group- United Kingdom Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Coordinator- Balesh Singh Dhankhar, EJ, 2004-05, Dhenkanal
Facebook Group- Australia Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Coordinator-Talks Underway
Facebook Group- UAE Based Alumni JOIN PLEASE

Sunday, December 23, 2012

IMP: Neha Dave is Coordinator, Pune Sub-Chapter

Dear IIMCians,


As per the resolutions passed in the meeting of the Maharashtra Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association, Ms. Neha Dave is being appointed Coordinator for the Pune Sub-Chapter.
The Sub-Chapter will function as an extension of state chapter. President and General Secretary of Sub-Chapter would be Ex-officio Vice-President and Secretary of State Chapter.


Ms. Dave will arrange the inception meeting of the Sub-Chapter soon which will elect/ select office bearers.


All IIMCians working/ living in Pune and surrounding areas are requested to stay in touch with Neha. We will inform you the date, venue and time of the first meeting of the Sub-Chapter once Neha communicates it to us.


Neha may be reached at 94058-64386



Thanks & Regards,

Harshendra Verdhan

Organisation Secretary

Friday, December 21, 2012

Campus Wale Couple: 41 and counting !!!!

Dear IIMCians
Here is a list of 41 IIMC Couples who are being contacted & requested to be a part of the soon-to-be launched album- Campus Wale Couple with their Ek Choti Si Love Story.
Following January 1, 2013 IIMCAA will start publishing albums every day on a One Couple, One Day basis. The photographs of the couple will be published after their consent only. The couple can choose whether to give a story or not for the album.
Hereby, request all IIMCians to enrich the list of couples. Please feel free to add the names if we have missed someone. Also, we would appreciate if you could help with the contact numbers or mail id of those couples as well.


Send it at

Enrichment by Prof. MR Dua

Sudha Rastogi & Suhas Borker

Aparana Srivastava & Murlidhar Reddy

Nilanjana Bhaduri & Vinay Jha

Jyoti Sharma & Mukul


Enrichment by Mukesh Kaushik & Dr Upendra Kumar, 1987-88

Suvidha Kumra & Parthiv Kumar


Enrichment by Santosh Kumar & Alice Guram, 1991-92

Sheela Sinha & Mukesh Sinha

Nupur Nutan & Alok Kumar

Meenkashi Gupta & Anshu Gupta


Enrichment by Sarvottam Jaipuriar, 2001-02

Swaty Prakash & Manas Gupta


Enrichment by Shubhashish Mallik, 2003-04

Manjari & Rana Dhirendra

Medha Yadav & Pankaj Singhal

Deepshikha & Sanjay Sinha

Kakoli Sen & Siddhinath V


Enrichment by Sushant Jha, 2004-05

Himani Singh & Rajesh Singh


Enrichment by Parimal Kumar, 2005-06

Preeti Pandey & Rabindranath Thakur
Couple List Shared Yesterday

Enrichment by Neelima Sukhija, Arunoday Prakash, Pragyan Mohanty, Satyakam Abhishek & Neha Keshri


Alka Kaushik & Mukesh Kaushik

Shalini Joshi & Shiv Joshi

Mona Parthsarthi & Parthsarthi

Deepika Rani & Suman Kumar

Pragya Barthwal & Vipin Dhyani

Priyanka Mihir Ranjan & Mihir Ranjan

Saroj Singh & Priya Ranjan Jha

Shanta Singh & Samarendra Singh

Saudamini Singh & Vivek Satyamitram

Saroj Singh & Deepak Singh

Nanditta Chibber & Arunoday Prakash

Minakshi Thakur & Indrajit Bose

Pragyan Mohanty & Hemant AR

Priyanka Saxena & Rai Umraopati Ray

Sayantani Kar Pandey & Himanshu Kr Pandey

Shikha Dwivedi & Panchanan Mishra

Roopali Dikshit & Sandeep Jha

Sheela Meena & Abhishek Srivastava

Simrata Singh & Prithviraj Choudhury

Puja Sharma & Swadesh Singh

Ranjana Kumari & Parimal Kumar

Soumika Das & Amit Kanaujia

Supriya Mishra & Sandeep Bhatacharjee

Gunjan Sangwan & Saurabh Dwivedi

Soumya Jha & Amit Anand Choudhary

Kirti Bisht & Ashish Bhawnani



Thanks & Regards,

Ritesh Verma

Organisation Secretary

Barcroft Media requires a Picture Desk Editor in Delhi

Award-winning British wire agency, Barcroft Media, is looking for a Picture Desk Editor, preferably with an experience of 2-3 years (However, outstanding freshers may apply too).


Based in New Delhi, the job role requires editing and syndicating material to agency's global clients and leading a team of 8-10 editors and co-ordinate with London picture desk.


Those interested please submit your current CV and a covering letter to


For more details, visit

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Campus Wale Couple: Ek Choti Si Love Story

Dear IIMCians,


In continuation with our earlier request Campus Wale Couple: Launch on Jaunuary 1st, we would like to convey one request made by a couple Mona Parthsarathi & Parthsarathi (1998-99 Batch) to all the couples from IIMC. Share your beautiful love story in a few lines with all of us with family photographs.
We will start uploading it from January.
Let's search your album, select some fantastic photographs and send it at with details of dept, batch, campus & current profile of couple.



Thanks & Regards,

Ritesh Verma

Organisation Secretary

Content Designer for Upcoming Media Portal

Dear IIMCians,


This is a unique opportunity to work with an Indian social organisation based in Sydney, Australia.


We are looking for a Content Designer for our upcoming media portals.


The role would see a growth from casual basis to a permanent role in short span of time.

The role will also provide an excellent opportunity to step up into a team leading position as we plan to expand very soon.


Key Skills:

- Ability to create, edit and source news content for online and print medium

- Web designing using CMS eg. WordPress etc

- Graphic Designing Skills- using any latest designing tool like Adobe Photoshop

- Desktop publishing using any publishing tools like Adobe Pagemaker, QuarkXpress


Experience Required: Professional experience is preferred in areas mentioned above. Proven skills, portfolio, zeal and professionalism, however, can also substitute lack of professional experience.


Salary: As per the skills and role


City: To be based in any metro in India, preferably in Delhi or Mumbai, to work remotely with the team in Sydney.


Those who are interested, please send their CVs to Balesh at along with your work samples




Balesh Singh

Project Coordinator, HCA

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

IMP: Rayana Pandey is Coordinator, Singapore

Dear IIMCians,


President Mr. Mukesh Kaushik has appointed Ms. Rayana Pandey as Coordinator for the Singapore Chapter.


She will arrange the inception meeting of the chapter soon which will elect/ select office bearers of the Singapore Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association. All IIMCians working/ living in Singapore are requested to stay in touch with Rayana.


We will inform you the date, venue and time of the first meeting of the chapter once Rayana communicates it to us.


Rayana may be reached at


Thanks & Regards,

Harshendra Verdhan

Organisation Secretary

Google Journalism Fellowships- 2013; Last Date: Jan 31

Google has introduced the first ever fellowship program for the students of journalism.

A 10-week program, the Google Journalism Fellowship, will give eight students the opportunity to contribute to a variety of organizations — from those that are steeped in investigative journalism to those working for press freedom around the world and to those that are helping the industry figure out its future in the digital age.

Areas of focus: Data driven journalism, online free expression and rethinking the business of journalism.

When and where: The Fellowship will start on June 3, 2013 with the first week at the Knight Foundation in Florida.

Who can apply?

Students from all majors and degree programs who possess the following qualities are encouraged to apply:

* Demonstrated or stated commitment to journalism — especially in the fields of data driven journalism or freedom of expression online

* An interest in exploring and creating business models to help the industry in the digital age

* Excellent academic record, professional/extracurricular/volunteer activities, subject matter expertise

* First-rate analytical, communications, research, and writing skills

* Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and efficiently, and to work smartly and resourcefully in a fast-paced environment

Stipend: Fellows will receive a stipend of $7,500 USD for 10 weeks during the summer of 2013 (June-August) and a travel budget of $1,000 USD.

Application deadline: January 31, 2013

For more information and to apply, click here.

Source: Mass Comm Buzz

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Inclusive Media Fellowships Deadline Extended till Dec 31

Inclusive Media for Change, a CSDS-based initiative invites applications from journalists in English and Hindi for Inclusive Media Fellowships 2012-13.


The Fellowships are given to bring spotlight on Rural Development and to promote democratic social change, particularly through empowerment, decentralization, convergence and good use of existing development schemes by Panchayats and local bodies. The Inclusive Media for Change runs a clearing house of ideas, information and alternatives on rural India (, conducts research and organises media workshops.


The ideal candidates would be willing to spend considerable time with rural communities and write series of stories or produce radio/ TV programmes on grassroots issues that require wider coverage and public attention. The fellowship seeks to cover all travel and incidental expenses subject to an upper limit of Rs 150,000 required by candidates to enhance their understanding, to take time off from routine work, and to spend up to eight weeks in rural areas. The payment is intended to cover and reimburse costs of news gathering and logistics and the total number can go up to 10 fellowships in Hindi and English.


The fellowships are open to journalists working for any newspapers/ magazines/ radio or TV channels on themes of India's rural development and agrarian distress though preference will be given to those working for the mainstream media. Those working for well-known media websites are eligible to apply though a maximum of two fellowships can be given for news media platforms. The topics/ projects chosen must be about happenings/ issues/ positive interventions/ alternatives in areas of rural livelihoods, agrarian crises, hunger/ malnutrition, public health, and successful implementation of decentralized planning by panchayats. Up to two fellowships each in Hindi and English will be supported by the Gene campaign/ Centre for Policy Research and will be reserved for highlighting issues of exclusion and hunger/ malnutrition or their eradication through innovation and positive intervention.  An ideal candidate will have genuine interest in rural development with an open mind and will be willing to spend time in rural areas so as to gather first-hand information. 


The fellows will be given a chance to refine their project proposal after their selection. They will be particularly encouraged to write about issues of positive interventions, decentralization as mandated by the Constitution of India and those of empowerment of common people resulting in rural development and positive social change.


The final output of the selected Inclusive Media Fellows will be in the form of stories or series of reports/ articles/ radio or TV packages to be carried by the media platforms sponsoring the candidates with due acknowledgement to the Inclusive Media Project of the CSDS. Out of the fellowship duration of up to eight weeks, two to four weeks are assigned for news/ material gathering and the remaining two weeks to take time off for writing/ producing/ editing or compiling the information gathered.


All professional journalists employed by news outlets and free lancers (who can provide evidence of support and publication from preferably a mainstream media outlet) are eligible to apply. The media organization will have to give an undertaking that the final output of the fellowship would be used in their publications in a format of their choice (i.e., series of reports, travelogues, edit/ op-ed articles, documentary film or TV/radio packages). Entries without the editors' undertaking will not be considered.


The last date for applications is Monday December 31, 2012. The selection will be done by a jury of eminent journalists and development thinkers. A part of the fellowship money will be given as advance in order to fund the initial research and travels, and the rest will be given after receiving the evidence of the project's completion.  The fellowship is intended to cover costs of logistics and newsgathering and not meant to be in the form of salary or honorarium.  


The applications should include a cover letter and the candidate's CV (strictly within 3 A4 pages) along with the following:


1. A clearly defined project proposal not to exceed 500 words


2. A break up of at least 5 story ideas based on the project proposal (within 200 words)


3. A rough break-up of travel/ boarding requirements


4. Two samples of published work (or Radio/TV programmes) in English or Hindi


5. A supporting letter from the editor assuring leave for at least 4 weeks and agreeing to use the fellowship output in the publication


(Free lancers must procure a supporting letter from the editor of a publication/ channel agreeing to use the fellowship output)


6. A letter of recommendation about the candidate's past record, journalistic abilities and suitability for the project from an eminent journalist, teacher or supervisor giving an idea of the candidate's suitability for the Inclusive Media Fellowships.




1. The verdict of the fellowship jury will be final.


2. All payments will be subject to TDS rules.


3. The Inclusive media project will suspend or withdraw the grant/ advance payment if the fellow fails to complete the project and publish its outcome. For further clarification please read the rules at the Inclusive Media project site ( under the head "Fellowships' on the Home page. The candidates are strongly advised to read the rules before applying.


4. The outcomes of the fellowships will also be put on the website (


Send your completed application and CV in Microsoft Word format in English and Mangal or Unicode in Hindi along with scanned copies of your clippings to the following email address:

Candidates applying in Hindi must note that the applications are to be sent in Mangal/ Unicode fonts only.


Application sent to us by emails will be promptly acknowledged.


Those sending emails please write "Inclusive Media Fellowship 2011" in the subject line.


However, if for any reason you cannot send it by email, or if you want to send a hard copy as well as the email, please do so by speed post or courier to the following address: (Please note that entries which arrive after due date, for any reason whatsoever, will not be considered)


Inclusive Media Fellowship 2012-13

Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS)

29, Rajpur Road, Delhi 110054