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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Openings in India today group Mobile

Openings in India today group Mobile (
Mobile VAS

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates who can generate and monitor Quality content on a variety of themes.

Required skills
Fresher or 1-2 years of experience in Research/Copy-editing/Editing/Mobile
Excellent command over spoken English and Hindi

Proficient with the use of computers

Exposure to the Mobile VAS and internet domains will be a plus.

The position is based in Noida sector 57, and interested candidates should be willing to work in shifts.
FRESHERS are welcome
Interested candidates can mail their resume to:

Dinesh Joshi
√ąTel (Mobile):+91-9313994523

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did Bihar flood move you into helping?

When Kosi river in Indian state of Bihar breached its dam and started inundating vast plain tracts of inhabited areas, it caught not only the natives of Bihar and its government sleeping, but most of us across India. Pre-occupied as we normally are with our daily rut and the bombardment of tons of stuff that vies for our attention constantly, this ongoing story has skipped the attention of a large number of people somehow. That includes many a mass media organisations, and us, who have not done enough as citizens of India, or even as human beings. 

The flood has been catastrophic, the kind this generation has probably not seen and there are enough scenes/tales of misery that could have moved us, but somehow didn't. I do not come from Bihar nor have I ever visited that state, but these scenes of misery and the government's failure to help people on a war-level means that the role of each individual becomes much larger than it should. 

A lot of people who want to help and reach out to the victims also have a big dilemma. People like us have complete distrust in the system of government-led relief funds, as also most private organisations (many of which may actually not be reaching the money and material collected to the deserved candidates). Let's face it: Nobody wants to throw away their hard-earned money. 

Therefore, identifying such an organisation was a major task. After some due-dilgence, I finally zeroed down on Goonj, a Delhi-based NGO, which collects old clothes and other material and distributes it among the needy people pan-India. 

Run by two mass communication professionals ( IIMC alumni andex  journalist Anshu Gupta and hisex IIMCian  wife) for about a decade now, Goonj has done very credible work. Goonj is mobilising support for Bihar flood victims. What gives me confidence in them is that Anshu himself is camping in Saharsa for the past eight days and coordinating all relief possible to the needy.

Mind you, there are stories of complete havoc that he narrated, including many a people forced to go hungry for days on end. As Kosi water has started to recede and flow along its new course, people are coming out from places which shielded them. Natual disasters like flood and eathquake leave a trail of disease and absolute misery. 

Let us go all out and help in whichever manner we can. Anshu has given me a list of material that he feels is required the most (read the list below this message). If any of the material is collected by us in decent quantity, I would not mind collecting it myself and delivering to his Sarita Vihar office. In addition to this, monetary donations can be made either in cheques payable directly to `Goonj', or cash. 

Please remember, it is not about helping natives of any single state, but human victims of a natural disaster. With that aim in mind, please do not hold back.

Anshu's mobile number is +91 98681 46978 and his local person is Ruchika 98108 97376. The  website is 
Feel free to directly contact them. 

There is another group that I have come across and they seem to be doing a lot of good work, again DIRECTLY. Read about them at: 

Additionally, newspapers like Indian Express and Hindustan Times are running relief funds which can be looked at. I have decided to contribute to Goonj.

List of essential items: buckets, cooking utensils, tarpaulin, stoves, lanterns, clothes, milk powder, dry ration like chana dal, rice and kala chana, and anti diarrhoeal and anti-fever drugs.

Thanks and regards

Neeraj Saxena
Technology Editor, Times Internet Ltd
Times House, New Delhi
Ph: +91 9899 555 555