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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Get Featured in #GangMeet Creatives of #IIMCConnections2015

Dear IIMCians,

IIMC Alumni Association seeks photographs of #YourGang at IIMC. We will shortlist five photos on the basis of cohesiveness, fun and how is the image different from other gang images. Our creative team will convert the images into a #GangMeet creative to build the campaign around Annual Alumni Meet scheduled on February 15 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi.

As we all gear up for a great year ahead, let's stop by and remember the ones that just went by. It seems it was just yesterday when we all passed out of IIMC. Javed's stall, hostel gate and peeking at a 'particular balcony', crazy assignment times and of course the Adda sessions. In true words, the memory of a lifetime, lived in all it's worth.

But wait. Why not do it again? Yes, we may have grown-up now, may be a bit more matured, but Dost Toh Dost Hote Hain. Mil Baithtey Hain Fir at #IIMCConnections2015. Come along with your gang and make this year special again.

Send images at with details such as Academic Session of the gang and peoples in picture.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohit Agarwal
Creative Head

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gaurav Dikshit- Treasurer | Mohi Narayan in CC

Dear IIMCians,

Mr. Gaurav Dikshit (Ad-PR, 2004-05 Batch) is being appointed Treasurer of the IIMC Alumni Association and Ms. Mohi Narayan (EJ, 2013-14 Batch) is being inducted in the Central Committee.

Incumbent Treasurer Ms. Nikita Arora (RTV, 2012-13 Batch) quit the post owing to her unavailability in the city for long. Both appointments have been made to fill in the vacancy due to her resignation.

Sunila Dhar

Friday, December 26, 2014

Mr. Neeloy Sarkar | Convener | Annual Alumni Meet- Connections 2015

Dear IIMCians,

IIMC Alumni Association's Executive President Mr. Neeloy Sarkar will be Convener of Annual Alumni Meet Connections 2015

Connections 2015 is taking place on February 15, 2015 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi. It will felicitate alumni entrepreneurs- Campus Wale Entrepreneurs.

Sunila Dhar

Sunday, December 21, 2014

URGENT | Multiple Openings | Dainik Bhaskar | Chhattisgarh

Dainik Bhaskar is looking for journalists, Desk & Reporting, having experience of one year to five years. Openings are for Raipur, Bilaspur, Bhilai and other Big Cities of Chhattisgarh.

Salary range will be 15,000 to 35,000 depending on current salary & related experience. A walk-in-interview will take place in New Delhi on 23rd December.

People with experience and willing to work in Chhattisgarh only shall send their resume at

Saturday, December 20, 2014

IIMC AA Connections 2015 | Campus Wale Entrepreneurs | Eligibility Criteria

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." Reid Hoffman, Co-founder, LinkedIn

Over the last half a century, the Indian Institute of Mass Communication has produced some of the finest professionals of the media and communications industry in India and indeed around the world. 

Among the vast and diverse alumni of India's foremost mass communication institute, is the league of extraordinary gentlemen (and women) who took the plunge into a territory they had dreamt of and imagined about, but not experienced before. The risk takers, those who chose to tread the unknown path, those who broke the clutter, those who believed in creating shared value - our Campus Wale Entrepreneurs.

As we celebrate the 50th year of IIMC, it's our privilege to honor our CWE at our Annual Alumni Meet Connections 2015 on February 15, 2015 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi.

IIMCAA will be identifying alumni based on the following criteria *
a) Alumni is a founder or co-founder or part of the core team that created the Company/ Organisation and has a stake in it.
b) Alumni has funded (capital) a venture wholly or in-part.
c) The company can be a for profit or not-for-profit organization.
d) The company must be in operation for at least six months as on Feb 15, 2015.
e) Alumni started a company but sold his stake to another investor and the company is still doing business.
*- The decision regarding alumni to be felicitated during IIMCAA Connections 2015 will be based on the above listed eligibility criteria. IIMCAA reserves the right to felicitate alumni entrepreneur who may not qualify the criteria but the association deems it fit to honor the alumni for his/her venture and/or efforts, as the case may be.

While IIMC Alumni Association is identifying alumni based on the above criteria, please feel free to write to us if you know of alumni among your networks who can be felicitated at our annual event.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Sharma
General Secretary

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Openings | English News Portal

An upcoming English News Site of a big media house is looking for Copy Editors having 1 to 3 years of experience. Freshers may also apply. 

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV to

Note- Openings are only for IIMCians.

Friday, December 12, 2014

MoM | Central Committee Meeting | December 7, 2014

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association met at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on December 7. Vice President Mr. Prasad Sanyal presided over the meeting that was attended by Vice President Ms. Rashmi Chouhan, General Secretary Mr. Rahul Sharma, Organisation Secretaries Mr. Rai Umraopati Rai, Mr. Krishna Pophale, Secretaries Mr. Amit Kanaujia, Ms. Deeksha Saksena, Executive Members Mr. Gaurav Dikshit, Mr. Nishant Verma, Mr. Sachin Dixit, Mr. Pratham Dwivedi, Mr. Utkarsh Chaturvedi, Ms. Ipsita Panda, Ms. Arpita Kedia, Ms. Pragya Swastik, Mr. Om Dheeraj & Mr. Neel Krishna Dwivedi. Alumni Mr. Ritesh Verma, Mr. Amiya Kushwaha, Mr. Rajat Sain, Mr. Abhishek Kumar Chanchal, Ms. Sezel Lalwani, Ms. Mohi Narayan & Ms. Samvedna Kashyap also attended the meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting:-


Review of Fresher's Meet

The committee was of the unanimous view that the interaction with the current batch of IIMC students was well organized, however, keeping in mind the low level of attendance during the interaction, it was agreed that the alumni will scale down the event going forward. The alumni will instead assign a day when few senior alumni will be available at the campus to speak to students about career in their field and general counselling. IIMCAA will communicate about the "Chai Pe Charcha" to the institute in advance so that those students who want career related guidance can avail of the same.


Refreshment Coupons

It was brought to the notice of the CC that the dinner expense exceeded the estimate by a significant margin. The number of plates billed by the vendor was much more than the number of people present at the AGM/Interaction/DJ. While some IIMCAA members paid from their own pocket to fill the difference, it was felt that it would be better to introduce refreshment/dinner coupons to be provided to the alumni at the registration desk. It will ensure that there are no gate crashers or free loaders to the event and that IIMCAA is paying for alumni and current students only. This will be put in place for future events organized by IIMCAA.


Additional Platforms for IIMCAA

With "Connections" becoming an established and well known event, a need was felt for creating more platforms for engagement and networking of the alumni.  It was decided that the alumni can suggest ideas on the same lines and share it with Mr. Rahul Sharma, General Secretary, who will compile them and present it to the CC for discussion and deliberation.


Connections 2015

The theme for next year's Connection event is "Campus Wale Entrepreneurs" (CWE).  The CC discussed preparations for the event. It was decided that Mr. Rahul Sharma, General Secretary will prepare the selection criteria for the CWE. Additionally, he will also be responsible for the content related work for the event. IIMCAA will identify 3-4 students from the current batch who will assist the General Secretary for the same. Mr. Gaurav Dikshit, Treasurer, will lead the Sponsorship work for the event. Members present in the meeting will also be reaching out to sponsors they know so that IIMCAA has ample funds to conduct such events.


Also, one of the members felt that instead of starting fund raising activity in December, it will be better if we do it early. The point was noted and will be implemented from next year. It was decided that instead of DJ, IIMCAA may work towards organizing a live music concert during Connections. IIMCAA will also reach out to independent artists from the alumni who could either be a singer or a musician or part of a band to perform at the event. It was felt that an evening like this would be enjoyed and appreciated more by the alumni.



It was felt that instead of IIMCAA sending group mails to alumni, communication can be sent out through the alumni website directly.


Thanks & Regards,

Sugam Singhal

Secretary, Communications, IIMCAA

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

IMP| CC Meeting | 7 December, 2014 | 3 PM | IIMC HQ, New Delhi

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association will meet for its Monthly Meeting on December 7 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi at 3.00 PM.

1. Review of Freshers' Interaction
2. Preparation of Annual Alumni Meet, Connections 2015 scheduled on February 15, 2015.
3. Any issue raised by members present in the meeting.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Sharma
General Secretary

CC Meeting | 7 December, 2014 | 3 PM | IIMC HQ, New Delhi

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association will meet for its Monthly Meeting on December 7 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi at 3.00 PM.

1. Review of Freshers' Interaction
2. Preparation of Annual Alumni Meet, Connections 2014 scheduled on February 15, 2015.
3. Any issue raised by members present in the meeting.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Sharma
General Secretary

Friday, November 28, 2014

MoM | North East Chapter Meeting | 25 November, 2014

Dear IIMCians,

The North East Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met in a very homely ambience on November 25 at 6.30 PM. 

Chapter President Mr. Samudragupta Kashyap was kind enough to host a tea party for the members. The members felicitated Mr. Kashyap for being a Campus Wale Writer. The gifts were formally handed over to him. 

There was an informal discussion on media and its role in the northeast. We had a lovely time with his two daughters, wife Mrs. Tapati who is also a writer. His elderly mother also joined us.

On November 26, three of us met again at a workshop on routine immunization. The people who had an interaction included Ms. Teresa Rehman, Mr. Manoj Khandelwal, Mr. Manas Pratim Sarma and Mr. Samudragupta Kashyap. 

We hope to meet again and may be conduct a workshop on video blogging.

Thanks & Regards,
Teresa Rehman
General Secretary, North East Chapter, IIMCAA

Monday, November 24, 2014

IMP | North East Chapter Meets on Nov 25 in Guwahati

Dear IIMCians,

North East Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association will meet on November 25 at President Mr. Samudragupta Kashyap's residence at 6.30 PM.

Address- House No 12-D, By-lane 12, Juripar, Panjabari Road, Guwahati
Date- 25 November, 2014
Time- 6.30 PM

Alumni living in North Eastern states are requested to attend the meeting.

Thanks & Regards,
Teresa Rehman
General Secretary, IIMCAA, North East

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TATA Sky Looking for Media Planner, Content Acquisition | Mumbai

TATA Sky is looking for Media Planner with an experience of 1 to 2 Years. Job position is with Content Acquisition Team at its Mumbai Headquarter.  

Interested candidates may send their resume at


William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India | Deadline: Feb 1, 2015

The Clinton Fellowship is an immersive, 10-month service program matching highly skilled young professionals with high impact NGOs and social enterprises across India based on their interests and skills. Fellows work on scalable and sustainable development projects in the fields of education, livelihoods, public health, and human rights. 

Through collaboration and capacity-building, AIF Clinton Fellows and civil society leaders form dynamic partnerships where they exchange knowledge and skills and share a mutual passion for advancing social and economic development.

The Fellowship includes an orientation and training at the start of the program in September, a midpoint retreat in January, and an endpoint conference at the Fellowship's conclusion at end of June.

Placements and Responsibilities Fellows support AIF partner organizations in meeting their human resource and project needs through skills-sharing, training, and capacity-building. Responsibilities vary based on the Fellow's skills, experience and interests. Typical projects support - but are not limited to - program design and implementation, monitoring & evaluation, creating business strategies, action research and communications.

Building the Next Generation of Leaders The Fellowship creates a community of socially engaged, global citizens. Fellowship Alumni are leaders in international development, human rights, academia, journalism, social enterprise, public health, and other fields. Together they represent a collective force for sustaining a long-term agenda dedicated towards change in India and beyond.

The AIF Clinton Fellowship provides a prestigious platform to develop the skills, resources and the network needed to become an effective and socially-minded leader.

Funding: The Fellowship is fully funded and provides a living stipend and covers all costs associated with travel to the placement.

Eligibility Applicants must be between 21 and 34 years of age; he or she must be a U.S. or Indian citizen, or a U.S. permanent resident. Applicants must have their Bachelor's or undergraduate degree before the start of the Fellowship on September 1, 2015.

What we are looking for The ideal candidate must demonstrate a deep interest, passion, and commitment to social and economic development in India. He/she must show humility and an eagerness to learn from a cross-cultural context. Candidates should have strong professional skills and impeccable academic credentials. He/she should show a potential for leadership and must be entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative.

Candidates must be flexible and adaptable and should possess both professional skills and an exceptional ability to build relationships across cultures and within the social development space. A sensitivity and ability to work with vulnerable communities is a must.

Monday, November 10, 2014

MoM | AP Chapter Meeting | 9 November, 2014 | Hyderabad

Andhra Pradesh Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met at HUDA Park, Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad on 9th November. The meeting was presided over by president Mr. Byomakesh Biswal

Those present in the meeting were: Mr. Rakesh Mohanty, Mr. Jayant Sahu, Mr. Byomakesh Biswal, Mr. Muni Shankar. Few people did come to the venue but could not participate in the meeting due to their shift timings like Shantiswarup Samantaray, Manoj Das and Niharkanta Panda. Some others could not participate in the meeting due to their prior work commitment.  

Minutes of the Meeting:

Organisation Secretary Rakesh Mohanty presented the progress in the membership drive. Newly joined member, Mr. Muni Shankar has been entrusted with the responsibility of speeding up of membership drive. He has been given responsibility of personally meeting senior alumni members like Safi Ahmed, Madhavi Tata and TS Sudhir seeking greater participation from them. He will also co-ordinate with Safi Ahmed to get details of IIMC alumni who are working as Indian Information Service Officers in the state. 

Following on the suggestion from General Secretary Mr. Rajesh Parida, the members have also agreed to participate in some social welfare activities, which will be led by Mr. Muni Shankar. Some members have also suggested contributing to the cyclone hit Visakhapatnam, similar to the contribution made by central committee to the food hit Kashmir. The chapter is positively considering the suggestion, and come to a decision on this issue after consultation with all members. 

Thanks & Regards, 
Rakesh Mohanty
Organising Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Chapter

Friday, November 7, 2014

CC Meeting | 9 November, 2014 | IIMC HQ | 3 PM

Dear CC Members/ Panel Members,

The Central Committee of IIMC Alumni Association will meet at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on November 9, 2014 at 3 PM. It will discuss the preparations for the AGM & Freshers' Meet 2014 scheduled on November 16, 2014 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi.

Thanks & Regards,
Animesh Biswas
General Secretary

2 Google DFP Experts for Implementation on Wapsite


-Set up Adsense tags in DFP

-Set up custom ad tags directly from publishers

-Set up passbacks to Adsense if our direct ads cannot be served

Ad display optimization is required initially.


Must have prior knowledge of working with DFP. Also you might give me a short training session on Google DFP.


Desired Skills

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Website Optimizer, Google AdSense, Google DFP, Google Doubleclick


Experience: 1-2 years


Location: Noida Film City, sector 15-16 A


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sub Editors Opening | Magazines

A media organisation has launched two new magazines--India Legal and Views on News- has vacancies on the desk. It is being headed by journalist Ramesh Menon. 

Two Positions: Sub Editors 

Experience: Up to 3 years. 

The work will involve rewriting and page making on Quark Express 

Salary: As per industry standards 

Interested people are requested to send their CVs to

URGENT REQUIREMENT: Vacancies in Adfactors PR in Delhi

Dear IIMCians,

Adfactors Public Relations Pvt. Ltd., a leading PR agency in India, has two vacancies in following positions at its Delhi office.

Position 1 - Sr. Account Executive - Crisis

Experience: 4.5 yrs of relevant exp. 

Key Skill: Excellent in Media Relations 

Position 2 - Sr. Account Executive - Real Estate vertical

Experience: 4.5 yrs of relevant exp. 

Key Skill: In-depth knowledge of Real Estate industry

Those who are interested and fulfill above mentioned criteria, please send their CVs to Please mention the Position, for which you are applying, in the Subject of your Email.

Thanks & Regards,

Animesh Biswas
(EJ-IIMC 2005-06)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

IMP | Sunila Dhar Panel Wins IIMCAA Elections, 2014

Dear IIMCians,

Sunila Dhar Panel is being declared uncontested winner in IIMC Alumni Association Elections, 2014 as no other panel filed nomination by the stipulated deadline.

All the best.

Jaishri Jethwaney
Election Commissioner, IIMCAA Elections, 2014

IIMCAA Elections, 2014 | Sunila Dhar Panel Files Nomination

Dear IIMCians,

Sunila Dhar Panel filed its nomination papers for IIMC Alumni Association Elections, 2014 today at IIMC HQ, New Delhi before Election Commissioner Ms. Jaishri Jethwaney.

51 Member panel led by Ms. Sunila Dhar was proposed by 12 Members Ms. Alice Guram (President, Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Chapter), Mr. Parveen Kumar Dogra (General Secretary, Punjab-Haryana-Himachal Chapter ), Ms. Ananya Moitra (President, Madhya Pradesh Chapter ), Mr. Ananta Prasad (Joint Secretary, Odisha Chapter), Mr. Anand Dutta (Organisation Secretary, Jharkhand), Ms. Nanditta Chibber, Mr. Kaushal Vishwakarma, Mr. Amiya Kushwaha, Mr. Rajat SainMr. Harendra YadavMr. Vineet Kumar & Mr. Ritesh Verma.

Mr. Apurva Chamaria, Mr. Prasad Sanyal, Mr. Arunoday Prakash, Mr. Rahul Sharma, Mr. Harshendra Singh Verdhan, Ms. Nikita Arora, Mr. Keshav Kumar, Mr. Devesh Khandelwal, Ms. Kamini Patil & Ms. Deeksha Saksena of Sunila Dhar Panel attended the nomination proceedings.

Sunila Dhar Panel | Full List

President- Sunila Dhar, Ad-PR, Delhi, 1981-82 Batch | Membership No- 364

Executive President- Neeloy Sarkar, RTV, Delhi, 1997-98 Batch | Membership No- 374

Executive President- Apurva Chamaria, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2000-2001 Batch | Membership No- 261

Vice-President- Prasad Sanyal, RTV, Delhi, 2000-2001 Batch | Membership No- 340

Vice President- Deepak Singh, HJ, Delhi, 2002-03 Batch | Membership No- 306

Vice-President- Arunoday Prakash, EJ, Delhi, 2003-04 Batch | Membership No- 18

Vice-President- Rashmi Chouhan, EJ, Dhenkanal, 2009-10 Batch | Membership No- 372

General Secretary- Rahul Sharma, RTV, Delhi, 2005-06 Batch | Membership No- 328

Organisation Secretary- NCR- Vijay Pandey, HJ, Delhi, 2001-02 Batch | Membership No- 338

Org. Secretary- Overall- Harshendra Verdhan, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2004-05 Batch | Membership No- 14

Org. Secretary, North India- Sandeep Jha, RTV, Delhi, 2004-05 Batch | Membership No- 98

Org. Secretary, East India- Rai Umraopati Rai, EJ, Dhenkanal, 2004-05 Batch | Membership No- 85

Org. Secretary, West India & Foreign- Krishna Pophale, EJ, Delhi, 2010-11 Batch | Membership No- 185

Org. Secretary, South & Central India- Keshav Kumar, HJ, Delhi, 2010-11 Batch | Membership No- 331

Treasurer- Nikita Arora, RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 342

Secretary, Logistics- Amit Kanaujia, RTV, Delhi, 2005-06 Batch | Membership No- 12

Secretary, Vigilance- Soumya Jha, HJ, Delhi, 2007-08 Batch | Membership No- 11

Secretary, Information Service- Himanshu Singh, IIS, Delhi, 2010-11 Batch | Membership No- 314

Secretary, Student Interaction- Kamini Patil, HJ, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 264

Secretary, Communication- Sugam Singhal, EJ, Jammu, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 300

Secretary, Finance- Deeksha Saksena, RTV, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 319

Executive Member- Chandra Prakash, HJ, Delhi, 1998-99 Batch | Membership No- 70

Executive Member- Yasser Usman, RTV, Delhi, 2000-01 Batch | Membership No- 371

Executive Member- Saroj Singh, HJ, Delhi, 2002-03 Batch | Membership No- 308

Executive Member- Madhur Kalra, EJ, Delhi, 2003-04 Batch | Membership No- 309

Executive Member- Gaurav Dikshit, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2004-05 Batch | Membership No- 15

Executive Member- Animesh Biswas, EJ, Delhi, 2005-06 Batch | Membership No- 9

Executive Member- Sunny Lamba, EJ, Delhi, 2005-06 Batch | Membership No- 325

Executive Member- Nishant Verma, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2007-08 Batch | Membership No- 263

Executive Member- Karuna Tanwar, RTV, Delhi, 2009-10 Batch | Membership No- 5

Executive Member- Ankur Awasthy, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2009-10 Batch | Membership No- 155

Executive Member- Sachin Dixit- HJ, Delhi, 2009-10 Batch | Membership No- 332

Executive Member- Devesh Khandelwal, HJ, Delhi, 2010-11 Batch | Membership No- 329

Executive Member- Pratham Dwivedi, EJ, Delhi, 2011-12 Batch | Membership No- 312

Executive Member- Utkarsh Chaturvedi, HJ, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 322

Executive Member- Debalina Dey, RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 358

Executive Member- Prashanti Choiden Mokhtan, RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 333

Executive Member- Ipsita Panda, RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 346

Executive Member- Ankit Roy, RTV, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 335

Executive Member- Aanchal Sharma, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 376

Executive Member- Reva Malhotra, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 367

Executive Member- Isha Sharma, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 339

Executive Member- Ashish Kumar, Ad-PR, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 345

Executive Member- Arpita Kedia, EJ, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 344

Executive Member- Avantika Gupta, EJ, Jammu, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 360

Executive Member- Andrew Amsan, EJ, Kottayam, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 352

Executive Member- Pragya Swastik, EJ, Amravati, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 315

Executive Member- Bhagyashree Sagar, RTV, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 362

Executive Member- Richa Banka, RTV, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 337

Executive Member- Om Dheeraj, HJ, Delhi, 2012-13 Batch | Membership No- 334

Executive Member- Neel Krishna Dwivedi, HJ, Delhi, 2013-14 Batch | Membership No- 351

Thanks & Regards,

Ritesh Verma

Organisation Secretary, IIMCAA

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FINAL Voters List | IIMCAA Elections, 2014 | Total 381 Voters

Dear IIMCians,

Here is the FINAL Voters List for IIMC Alumni Association Elections, 2014

Voters List published on November 1 had errors like repeated entry of same alumni or missing name of members in the list.

Thanks & Regards,
Ritesh Verma
Organisation Secretary

Voters List for IIMCAA Elections, 2014
Name Dept Batch Campus Member No
Mukesh Kaushik HJ  1987-88  Delhi 1
Neha Keshri HJ  2008-09  Delhi 2
Suman Parmar HJ  2008-09  Delhi 3
Shivani Tyagi EJ  2008-09 Dhenkanal 4
Karuna Tanwar RTV  2009-10  Delhi 5
Aakash RTV  1998-99  Delhi 6
Vartika RTV  2009-10  Delhi 7
Kunwar Abhishek Bhagat EJ  2011-12  Amravati 8
Animesh Biswas EJ  2005-06  Delhi 9
Dhiren Dukhu EJ  2005-06 Dhenkanal 10
Soumya Jha HJ  2007-08  Delhi 11
Amit Kumar Kanaujia RTV  2005-06  Delhi 12
Ranveer HJ  2008-09  Delhi 13
Harshendra Singh Verdhan ADPR  2004-05  Delhi 14
Gaurav H. Dikshit ADPR  2004-05  Delhi 15
Prabhat Kumar HJ  2004-05  Delhi 16
Harendra Yadav EJ  2011-12  Aizawl 17
Arunoday Prakash EJ  2003-04  Delhi 18
Pankaj Vijay HJ  2008-09  Delhi 19
Sreetama Datta EJ  2008-09  Delhi 20
Eshani Mathur EJ  2011-12  Amravati 21
Joymala Bagchi EJ  2011-12  Amravati 22
Sonam Saini EJ  2011-12  Amravati 23
Nadim Arif EJ  2011-12  Amravati 24
Dhananjay R. Wankhede EJ  2011-12  Delhi 25
Saurav Sagar EJ  2011-12  Amravati 26
Anand Saurabh HJ  2008-09  Delhi 27
Neeraj Kumar RTV  2003-04  Delhi 28
Vidyapati Gautam EJ  2008-09  Delhi 29
Nanditta Chibber EJ  2003-04  Delhi 30
Amandeep Shukla RTV  2003-04  Delhi 31
Gaurav Saini EJ  2011-12  Delhi 32
Abhishek Shukla EJ  2004-05 Dhenkanal 33
Mona Parthsarathi HJ  1998-99  Delhi 34
Shweta Thakur EJ  2005-06  Delhi 35
Sumedha Shankar EJ  2008-09  Delhi 36
Shailendra kumar  HJ  1989-90   Delhi 37
Naginder Singh Kishore  HJ  1990-91   Delhi 38
Akhilesh Sharma  HJ  1993-94   Delhi 39
Chetna Bhatia  HJ  2008-09  Delhi 40
Dr. MP Roy  HJ 1988-89   Delhi 41
Jagdish Chander  HJ  1987-88  Delhi 42
Kaushal Kumar  HJ  2003-04  Delhi 43
Satyakam Abhishek  HJ  2005-06  Delhi 44
Ramesh Ranjan Singh  HJ  2004-05  Delhi 45
Prof.  Harish Kumar  HJ  1987-88  Delhi 46
Sanjay Kuamr Soni  HJ 1988-89   Delhi 47
Sitaram Meena  HJ  1987-88  Delhi 48
Anami Sharan Babal  HJ  1987-88  Delhi 49
Parmanand Arya  HJ  1987-88  Delhi 50
Vineet kumar  HJ  2006-07   Delhi 51
Mohnish Kumar  HJ  1995-96   Delhi 52
Durga Nath Swarnkar  HJ  2000-01   Delhi 53
Ajay Kumar Sharma  HJ  1990-91   Delhi 54
Kalyan Ranjan  HJ  1990-91   Delhi 55
Nitin Pradhan  HJ  1990-91   Delhi 56
Vinod Agrahari  HJ  2002-03   Delhi 57
Madhu Paswan  HJ  1995-96   Delhi 58
Urmila Harit  HJ  1990-91   Delhi 59
Rita Kapur  HJ  1990-91   Delhi 60
Suresh Chandra Verma  HJ  1990-91   Delhi 61
Abhishek Sinha  HJ  1999-2000   Delhi 62
Pawan Jindal  HJ  1994-95   Delhi 63
Sandeep Bundela  HJ  2003-04  Delhi 64
Amrita Maurya  HJ  1994-95   Delhi 65
Ras Bihari  HJ  1987-88  Delhi 66
Alka Kaushik  HJ  1993-94   Delhi 67
Ashok Singh  HJ  1987-88  Delhi 68
Madhusmita Hazarika  HJ  2003-04  Delhi 69
Chandra Prakash  HJ  1998-99  Delhi 70
Shruti Garyali  ADPR  2003-04  Delhi 71
Meenakshi Gupta  ADPR  1991-92   Delhi 72
Manoj Kumar  ADPR  2004-05  Delhi 73
Jakir Husain Ansari  ADPR  2004-05  Delhi 74
Sheela Sinha  ADPR  1991-92   Delhi 75
Mukesh Kumar Sinha  ADPR  1991-92   Delhi 76
Sujal Tamariya  ADPR  1999-2000   Delhi 77
Sonia Malik  ADPR  2003-04  Delhi 78
Deepti Gahrotra  ADPR  2011-12  Delhi 79
Simrat Gulati  ADPR  1984-85   Delhi 80
Girish Mahajan  ADPR  2003-04  Delhi 81
Asit Ranjan Mishra  EJ  2003-04  Delhi 82
Devi Dutta Tripathy  EJ  2003-04  Delhi 83
Balesh Dhankhar  EJ  2004-05 Dhenkanal 84
Rai Umraopati Rai EJ  2004-05 Dhenkanal 85
Ujjwal Pratap  EJ  2004-05 Dhenkanal 86
Kumar Rahul  EJ  2000-01   Delhi 87
Supriya Bhattacharjee  EJ  2005-06  Delhi 88
Sandeep Bhattacharjee  EJ  2005-06  Delhi 89
Amber Muazam  EJ  2010-11   Delhi 90
Bhaskar Pant  EJ  2008-09  Delhi 91
Prem Ranjan  EJ  2000-01   Delhi 92
Mercy Barkakoty  EJ  2008-09  Delhi 93
Michael Tonchuipam  RTV  2007-08  Delhi 94
Soubhik Mukherjee  RTV  2007-08  Delhi 95
Nitendra Singh  RTV  2004-05  Delhi 96
Nishant Saurabh  RTV  2004-05  Delhi 97
Sandeep Jha  RTV  2004-05  Delhi 98
Arijit Banerjee  RTV  1999-2000   Delhi 99
Kaushal Vishwakarma   HJ  2008-09  Delhi 100
Mohit Agarwal  ADPR  2011-12  Delhi 101
Madhvendra Singh  EJ  2007-08 Dhenkanal 102
Amar Nath  HJ  1996-97   Delhi 103
Hussain Kodinhi  RTV 2004-05  Delhi 104
Sneha Bhattacharjee  EJ  2009-10 Dhenkanal 105
Sukeerti Sharma  RTV  2008-09  Delhi 106
Deepak Sinha  EJ  2010-11   Delhi 107
Mayank Dwivedi  HJ  2012-13   Delhi 108
Sangeeta Kumari  HJ  1998-99  Delhi 109
Rajesh Ranjan  HJ  1999-2000   Delhi 110
Neha Dave  ADPR  2011-12  Delhi 111
Debarati Mukherjee  EJ  2008-09  Delhi 112
Gasha Aeri Alawani RTV 2009-10 Delhi 113
Manish Mrinu  HJ  2004-05  Delhi 114
Navin Kumar  HJ  1997-98   Delhi 115
Rajeev Ranjan Jha  HJ  1995-96   Delhi 116
Ashim Ghosh  RTV  2005-06  Delhi 117
Vijay Dubey  RTV  2001-02   Delhi 118
MD Belal Abu Horaira  EJ  2011-12 Dhenkanal 119
Kaushal Lakhotia  HJ  2002-03   Delhi 120
Pravin Kumar Yadav  HJ  2003-04  Delhi 121
Prem prakash  HJ  1995-96   Delhi 122
Alok Marotrao Bhute  ADPR  2011-12  Delhi 123
Ashtha Mittal  ADPR  2011-12  Delhi 124
Deepak Nagar ADPR  2007-08  Delhi 125
Bhola Nath HJ 1990-91 Delhi 126
K. K. Lall HJ 1990-91 Delhi 127
Rajiv Ranjan HJ 2000-01 Delhi 128
Alok Gupta EJ 2001-02 Delhi 129
Imbestat Imam RTV 2005-06 Delhi 130
Vishal Gaurav RTV 2001-02 Delhi 131
Alice Guram EJ 1991-92 Delhi 132
Hindol Basu RTV 2006-07 Delhi 133
Gajendra Singh Bhati  HJ 2008-09 Delhi 134
Praveen Kumar Dogra  HJ 2008-09 Delhi 135
Rohan Kathpali  EJ 2011-12 Delhi 136
Dadan Vishwakarma HJ 2010-11 Delhi 137
Lata Kashyap HJ  2009-10 Delhi 138
Mahendra Kumar HJ 2009-10 Delhi 139
Radhe Krishan ADPR 2010-11 Delhi 140
Chaudhary Prashant Chahal  HJ 2010-11 Delhi 141
Isha Jalan EJ 2011-12 Delhi 142
Inderjeet Yadav HJ 2010-11 Delhi 143
Ananya  Moitra EJ 2007-08 Dhenkanal 144
Aashish Joshi HJ 1998-99 Delhi 145
Shilpa Baburaj RTV 2011-12 Delhi 146
Vishakha Rajurkar Raj ADPR 2012-13 Delhi 147
Yogesh Gautam HJ 2011-12 Delhi 148
Kuldeep Soni HJ 2011-12 Delhi 149
Surbhi Kulshreshtha EJ 2001-02 Delhi 150
Sandeep Vizanta HJ 2008-09 Delhi 151
Pradeep Mallik  EJ 1985-86 Delhi 152
Arvind Kumar EJ 2003-04 Delhi 153
Pranjal Protim Boruah EJ 2004-05 Delhi 154
Ankur Awasthy ADPR 2009-10 Delhi 155
Santosh Valmiki HJ 1989-90 Delhi 156
Dayasagar Shukla Sagar HJ 1991-92 Delhi 157
Naseerudeen Haidar Khan HJ 1991-92 Delhi 158
Pradeep Mishra HJ 1989-90 Delhi 159
Pankaj Jha HJ 1997-98 Delhi 160
Kamlesh Rathore 161
Ansumaan Tiwari HJ 1990-91 Delhi 162
Arshi Rafique EJ 2000-01 Delhi 163
Arvind Shukla HJ 2005-06 Delhi 164
Shubhi Chnachal HJ 2011-12 Delhi 165
Deepika EJ 2009-10 Dhenkanal 166
Shambhu Bhadra HJ 1997-98 Delhi 167
Rakesh Pandey HJ 2004-05 Delhi 168
Samarth Saraswat HJ  2011-12 Delhi 169
Subhash Chand RTV 2003-04 Delhi 170
Brahamanand Mishra HJ 2011-12 Delhi 171
Praveen Mohta HJ 2004-05 172
Sindhuvasini Tripathi  HJ 2013-14 Delhi 173
Anurag Gupta   HJ 2013-14 Delhi 174
Vivekanand Singh  HJ 2013-14 Delhi 175
Shikha Singh  2009-10 176
Suryakant Mishra EJ 1993-94 Dhenkanal 177
Sourav Mishra EJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 178
Reethika Nair ADPR 2005-06 Dhenkanal 179
Abhishek Shankar EJ 2002-03 Delhi 180
Prithviraj Choudhury RTV 2005-06 Delhi 181
Vipashana EJ 2005-06 Delhi 182
Amit Karn HJ 2007-08 Delhi 183
Bikash Mohapatra EJ 2005-06 Delhi 184
Krishna Pophale EJ 2010-11 Delhi 185
Abhineet Kumar EJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 186
Piyush Pandey EJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 187
Mithun Roy EJ 2003-03 Dhenkanal 188
Debjani Ray EJ 2003-03 Dhenkanal 189
Anirban Chowdhury EJ 2005-06 Dhenkanal 190
Sarmishtha Neogy EJ 2008-09 Dhenkanal 191
Shilpy Sinha EJ 2008-09 Dhenkanal 192
Tanya Dutta EJ 2009-10 Dhenkanal 193
Simple Mishra RTV 2009-10 Delhi 194
Malvika Joshi EJ 2010-11 Dhenkanal 195
Alok Kumar Gupta EJ 1995-96 Delhi 196
Manoj Kumar ADPR 1996-97 Delhi 197
Kumar Rajesh HJ 1996-97 Delhi 198
Amit Kumar Gupta 199
Manmohan Singh 200
Anand Dutta HJ 2012-13 Delhi 201
Manish Gupta EJ 1997-98 Dhenkanal 202
Ashwani Kumar Nigam HJ 2004-05 Delhi 203
Anupam Kumar Rana 204
Gaurav Shrivastava ADPR 2004-05 Delhi 205
Byomakesh Biswal EJ 1999-2000 Dhenkanal 206
Anshul Shukla HJ 1995-96 Delhi 207
Suchitra Patnaik EJ 1998-99 Dhenkanal 208
Rajesh Parida EJ 1996-97 Dhenkanal 209
Rakesh Mohanty OJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 210
Bibhu Prasad Barik OJ 2001-02 Dhenkanal 211
Rudra Narayan Das OJ 2003-04 Dhenkanal 212
Abinash Mohapatra OJ 2010-11 Dhenkanal 213
Shalini Mohapatra EJ 1997-98 Dhenkanal 214
Indu Kumari Jha EJ 1999-2000 Dhenkanal 215
Jayanta Kumar Sahu OJ 2003-04 Dhenkanal 216
Manoj Kumar Das OJ 2003-04 Dhenkanal 217
Vinit Kumar Koneru EJ 2010-11 Dhenkanal 218
Chetan Malik EJ 2000-2001 Delhi 219
Shantiswarup Samantaray CC 2002 Dhenkanal 220
Niharkanta Panda CC 2002 Dhenkanal 221
Bharat Bahadur OJ 2006-07 Dhenkanal 222
Suchismita Maharana OJ 2008-09 Dhenkanal 223
Rabinarayan Samal OJ 2005-06 Dhenkanal 224
Aakarshan Kumar Giri EJ 2001-02 Delhi 225
Priyadarshi Samantaray EJ 2003-04 Dhenkanal 226
Ashok Kumar Pattnaik EJ 1995-96 Dhenkanal 227
Goutam Das EJ 2000-01 Delhi 228
Surbhi Shandilya EJ 2010-11 Dhenkanal 229
Kishor Kumar EJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 230
Durgashish OJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 231
Partha Sarathi Behera OJ 2001-02 Dhenkanal 232
Arindam Das OJ 2004-05 Dhenkanal 233
Jyoti Prakash Nayak EJ 2006-07 Dhenkanal 234
Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra OJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 235
Sudhansu Kumar Patro OJ 2007-08 Dhenkanal 236
Punyashloka Mishra OJ 2007-08 Dhenkanal 237
Pratyush Saa OJ 2007-08 Dhenkanal 238
Ruby Nanda EJ 2006-07 Delhi 239
Arup Dalai OJ 2006-07 Dhenkanal 240
Satya Narayan Mallick OJ 2003-04 Dhenkanal 241
Sanjay Kumar Sahu EJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 242
Sasmita Paikray OJ 2013-14 Dhenkanal 243
Kishan Barai OJ 2013-14 Dhenkanal 244
Adrija Das ADPR 2011-12 Delhi 245
Braj Kishore EJ 1995-96 Delhi 246
Shatabdi Chakraborty EJ 2010-11 Delhi 247
Piyali Chatterjee RTV 2011-12 Delhi 248
Neethu Mohan EJ 2011-12 Delhi 249
Priyanka Goswami HJ 2013-13 Delhi 250
Mrigendra Pandey HJ 2005-06 Delhi 251
Samudra gupta Kashyap Journalism 1985-86 Delhi 252
Jahnabi Phookan 253
Manoj Khandelwal 254
Numal Mahatta 255
Teresa Rehman EJ 1998-99 Delhi 256
Manas Pratim Sarma IIS 257
Akansha Bhagawati DJ 2010-11 Delhi 258
Rayana Pandey EJ 2006-07 Dhenkanal 259
Neeraj Jha RTV 2000-01 Delhi 260
Apurva Chamaria ADPR 2000-01 Delhi 261
Amiya Kushwaha EJ 2009-10 Dhenkanal 262
Nishant Verma 263
Kamini Patil HJ 2012-13 Delhi 264
Rakesh Kumar Das EJ 2001-02 Delhi 265
Aditya Sharma EJ 2012-13 Delhi 266
Karan ADPR 2005-06 Delhi 267
Ajay Anand ADPR 2011-12 Delhi 268
Anu Singh HJ 1999-2000 Delhi 269
Anurag Vajpai HJ 1991-92 Delhi 270
Sachin Saini EJ 2006-07 Delhi 271
Nandlal Sharma HJ 2009-10 Delhi 272
Adarsh shukla  HJ 2012-13 Delhi 273
Alok Shrivastav HJ 1989-90 Delhi 274
L.P Pant HJ 1995-96 Delhi 275
Neelima Sukhija HJ 2000-01 Delhi 276
Abhishek HJ 2001-02 Delhi 277
Vivek HJ 2013-14 Delhi 278
Bharat Bhushan NA NA NA 279
Bablu Meena HJ NA Delhi 280
Naveen kumar HJ 2013-14 Delhi 281
Avinash Rai HJ 2010-11 Delhi 282
Swapnal Sonal HJ NA NA 283
Anurag Singh HJ 2011-12 Delhi 284
Nitin Mittal NA NA NA 285
Gajendra NA NA NA 286
Snigdha Rai HJ 2011-12 Delhi 287
Vinay kumar RTV 2012-13 Delhi 288
Purnima Pahuja EJ 2013-14 Dhenkanal 289
Gaytri HJ 2013-14 Delhi 290
Vikas Vashisth  HJ 2009-10 Delhi 291
Kiran Kindo HJ 2012-13 Delhi 292
Kiran Kaur HJ 2009-10 Delhi 293
Ankit Dhaka HJ 2012-13 Delhi 294
Divya dwivedi HJ 2011-12 Delhi 295
Aparna singh HJ 2012-13 Delhi 296
Laxmi Shankar Mishra HJ 2009-10 Delhi 297
Madhav sharma RTV 2012-13 Delhi 298
Ritesh Verma HJ 2005-06  Delhi 299
Sugam Singhal EJ 2012-13 Jammu 300
Rajiv Kumar Mishra RTV 2004-05 Delhi 301
Mohi Narayan EJ 2013-14 Delhi 302
Manjari Singh EJ 2001-02 Delhi 303
Ananta Prasad OJ 2009-10 Dhenkanal 304
Devlin Roy EJ 1992-93 Delhi  305
Deepak Singh HJ 2002-03 Delhi 306
Javed Akhtar HJ 2012-13 Delhi 307
Saroj Singh HJ 2002-03 Delhi 308
Madhur Kalra EJ 2003-04 Delhi 309
Sanjay Singh EJ 2009-10 Delhi 310
Arindam Das OJ 2004-05 Dhenkanal 311
Pratham Dwivedi EJ 2011-12 Delhi 312
Debabrata Podha OJ 2002-03 Dhenkanal 313
Himanshu Singh HJ 2010-11 Delhi 314
Pragya Swastik EJ 2013-14 Amravati 315
Ramesh Muniyappa EJ 1991-92 Delhi 316
Suneel Yadav ADPR 1996-97 Delhi 317
Pradeep Surin HJ 2004-05 Delhi 318
Deeksha Saksena RTV 2013-14 Delhi 319
Akash Priyan ADPR 2013-14 Delhi 320
Amit Gupta HJ 2004-05 Delhi 321
Utkarsh Chaturvedi HJ 2012-13 Delhi 322
Prabal Bhardwaj RTV 2010-11 Delhi 323
Khayyam Khan RTV 2008-09 Delhi 324
Sunny Lamba EJ 2005-06 Delhi 325
Rashmi Aich EJ 2008-09 Delhi 326
Sezel Lalwani RTV 2013-14 Delhi 327
Rahul Sharma RTV 2005-06 Delhi 328
Devesh Khandelwal HJ 2010-11 Delhi 329
Ezhilarasan K EJ 2010-11 Delhi 330
Keshav Kumar HJ 2010-11 Delhi 331
Sachin Dixit HJ 2009-10 Delhi 332
Prashanti Moktan RTV 2012-13 Delhi 333
Om Prakash Dheeraj HJ 2013-14 Delhi 334
Ankit Roy RTV 2012-13 Delhi 335
Arpan H Roy ADPR 2013-14 Delhi 336
Richa Banka RTV 2013-14 Delhi 337
Vijay Pandey HJ 2001-02 Delhi 338
Isha Sharma ADPR 2013-14 Delhi 339
Prasad Sanyal RTV 2000-01 Delhi 340
Anurag Sharma HJ 2005-06 Delhi 341
Nikita Arora RTV 2012-13 Delhi 342
Kaushal Kumar Kamal HJ 2004-05 Delhi 343
Arpita Kedia EJ 2013-14 Delhi 344
Ashish Kumar ADPR 2013-14 Delhi 345
Ipsita Panda RTV 2012-13 Delhi 346
Varun Vagish HJ 2003-04  Delhi 347
Rakesh Nayak EJ 2002-03 Delhi 348
Subhankar Paul EJ 2010-11 Dhenkanal 349
Sumit Sundriyal HJ 2012-13 Delhi 350
Neel Krishna Dwivedi HJ 2013-14 Delhi 351
Andrew Amsan EJ 2013-14 Kottayam 352
Saurabh Chaturvedi EJ 2006-07 Delhi 353
Ankush Singh EJ 2003-04 Dhenkanal 354
Rishi Pratim Mukherjee ADPR 2008-09 Delhi 355
Amita Ghose EJ 2013-14 Dhenkanal 356
Puja Upadhyay ADPR 2005-06 Delhi 357
Debalina Dey RTV 2012-13 Delhi 358
Priyabhanshu Ranjan HJ 2008-09 Delhi 359
Avantika Gupta EJ 2013-14  Jammu 360
Puja Mishra EJ 2012-13 Dhenkanal 361
Bhagyashree Sagar RTV 2013-14 Delhi 362
Shashi Ranjan HJ 2002-03 Delhi 363
Sunila Dhar ADPR 1981-82 Delhi 364
Sushil Jha HJ 1998-99 Delhi 365
Shivam Gupta HJ 2002-03 Delhi 366
Reva Malhotra ADPR 2013-14 Delhi 367
Prashant Asthana HJ 2006-07 Delhi 368
Gurmeet Sapal RTV 1997-98 Delhi 369
Devidutta Tripathy EJ 2003-04 Delhi 370
Yasser Usman RTV 2001-02 Delhi 371
Rashmi Chouhan EJ 2009-10 Dhenkanal 372
Hiramani Das IIS 2013 Delhi 373
Neeloy Sarkar RTV 1997-98 Delhi 374
Muhsin Mutteth EJ 2009-10 Dhenkanal 375
Aanchal Sharma ADPR 2013-14 Delhi 376
Rajat Sain EJ 2012-13 Delhi 377
Meeqat Hashmi RTV 2012-13 Delhi 378
Amit Ganguly EJ 2009-10 Delhi 379
Muni shankar pandey HJ 2011-12 Delhi 380
Vikas Zutshi HJ 2009-10 Delhi 381