To publish your requirement write us at

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 has Opening for Freshers, the web portal of the Outlook Group, is looking for fresh graduates for its news hub in New Delhi.

The positions available require:

  1. At least a graduate degree
  2. A desire to exploit the multimedia possibilities of the world wide web
  3. Loads of news sense and an interest in life, the universe and everything
  4. A way with words and images &
  5. An ability to write and edit to deadline

Contact: If you think you have what it takes, please apply, with the words 'Yes, I Can' in the subject field of your email to:

Note: Strictly no phone calls or visits.
Source: Jobs Media

Web18 seeks Content Manager in Mumbai


Web18 Software Services Ltd has an opening for Content Manager in Mumbai.

Experience: 4 – 6 years in Content Development, Programming, Ideations and Product Management

Requirements of the position:

* Graduate or Post Graduate in Fine Art, Mass Communication or Journalism.
* Must be able to independently conceive ideas / concepts / packages for online Video Portal. Understanding of Online gaming and downloads.
* Overall experience of 4 – 6 yrs in Content development, Programming, Ideations and Product management.
* Should have worked for Online media (Web) for at 2 – 3 years.
* Should be able to lead, Manage, Monitor and supervise the content team of video producers, online gaming, downloads and special projects.
* Knowledge of video content and visualization is essential.
* Strong oral and written communication skills.
* Creative: Out of the Box, lateral thinker, Analytical.
* Tech savvy: Understanding of digital platforms is desired.


§ Manage / supervise daily workflow of the video portal.
§ Liaise with in-house journalists, licensing, video editor, design and tech team for timely rollout of new concepts and product idea.
§ Conceptualize and produce various video packages / develop online properties, which are visually attractive and drive maximum page views
§ Ensure that the content and web assets are accurate and up to date, and also produce site traffic analysis reports.
§ Add / Enhance / Develop new web features that improve the functionality of the sites and enhance the user experience.
§ Responsible for driving the projects independently to closing stage.
§ Responsible for making wireframes and product manual
§ Suggest look & feel and style guides for web, email and banners.
§ Candidate must work well with a team and have great follow-up and project management skills.
§ Team management

Work with: Content operations, Production houses, Licensing, Design, Marketing and Tech Team

Salary: Negotiable

Contact person: Jessica Charles – HR @ Network18



Source: Jobs Media

Mediagraphix seeks PR Executives in Delhi

Organisation: Mediagraphix

Location: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Experience: 1-2 years (Freshers do not apply)

Requirement: Graduate in mass communication. Candidate should have good communication skills and be able to manage administration and manage the media. PR writing tools may include press releases, press kits, speeches, newsletters, feature articles, proposals and persuasive pitch letters to journalists.

Designation: PR Pxecutive

Brief job profile:

* Media relations on a regional and national level: Write press releases & making of media plans.
* Client and media servicing, candidates with good writing skills shall be preferred.

Skills and Qualification:

1. Excellent presentation skills
2. Written and oral communication skills
3. Ability to work well under pressure
4. Excellent organizational skills and the ability to set priorities and responsive to the clients' needs.

Contact: Neena Gulati,, Mobile: 09891306373
Source: Jobs Media

Biz Dev Opening with The Mehendi magazine in Chennai

The Mehendi is a premier wedding magazine designed to cater to the specific needs of Indian brides.

A product of Marvel Wedding Cards, the focus of the magazine is to bring out the best in fashion and accessories for brides.

Requirement: Business Developement Executive with minimum 2 years experience in hardcore space selling

Candidate profile:

The candidate should have minimum 2 years experience in hardcore space selling. Preferably from print media, advertisement agency or satellite channels. Good communication skills, energetic and young


Making sales calls – Preparing client proposals and presentations
Building & maintain strong retail client base and advertising agency relationship
Plan revenue generation method for the month

Salary: Negotiable

Contact person: Ashwath

Source: Jobs Media

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mid Day needs Feature Writer cum Editors in Mumbai


India's leading tabloid, Mid Day, is looking for Feature Writer cum Sub Editors in Mumbai.

Candidates with relevant features experience (ranging between 2 to 5 years) in magazines or newspapers can apply

Job profile:

- Should have excellent writing skills
- Ability to ideate and execute story ideas
- Co-ordinate for material
- Page making skills and experience working on QuarkXpress

To apply: Interested candidates to mail their CVs to
Source: Jobs Media

Marketing Openings with Network18 in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai


Network18 requires professionals in Focus Sales.

Locations: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkatta

Experience: 0 to 5 years

Brief job profile: Focus is a special team, which helps clients reach out to consumers and customers, through a mix of customized messaging solutions as well as innovative special programming and branding. Utilizing the full spectrum of multimedia options available, they provide a neutral and credible platform for reaching your messages to your desired target audience, and allow for focused and objective communication which no other media can provide so effectively, or so impact fully.

* Focus being a customized platform of interaction solution for each client needed to be different and unique which cannot be duplicated by simultaneously with other players in the same space.

* The creation of properties would be based on creating a newer and innovative way to reach out to an evolved business audience. The properties involve from a host of on ground events starting from Awards, Investor Relation Camps, Commodity Camps, on air specials, online specials, panel discussions.

* The properties created are a 360° approach which includes association with Local Print Media, Radio Partner, Online Partners and Outdoor Publicity Partners.

* Integration of various online businesses of TV18 with television or as stand alone unique properties online.(,,, ,,,, etc.)

* Development of customized media solutions package for the clients through the network.(i.e. CNBC TV18, CNBC AWAAZ,, commodities, CNN IBN, IBN 7,,

* Developing various media formats to provide the client with the opportunity to reach their desired target audience. (Ex. Round Tables, Forums, Charity events, Awards, Reckoner, Coffee Table Book Reality Show)

* Develop marketing plans for the event based and on air properties as per the outlay and requirement of the client.

* Managing the event conducted for the client.

* Map the latest activities in the client industry space and explore the opportunity for Media Partnerships.

Salary: Negotiable

Contact person: Jessica Charles – HR @ Network18

Source: Jobs Media

Prabha Dutt fellowship for women print journos

The Sanskriti Foundation in collaboration with the Prabha Dutt memorial foundation is inviting applications for the annual Prabha Dutt fellowship in journalism, in honour of the pioneering Hindustan Timesjournalist.

The aim of the fellowship is to encourage mid-career, women print journalists between 25 and 40 years of age, to investigate and research on any topic of contemporary relevance without having to work under the pressures of short deadlines.

The 10-month fellowship carries a grant of Rs one lakh including travel expenses. The work can be executed in Hindi, English or any regional language. Fellows will be required to publish a stipulated number of articles in established publications. They may also work on a book or monograph for subsequent publication within the given time frame.

Interested applicants should e-mail their CV and a synopsis of 250-300 words of their project proposal along with the names of two referees to (mention 'Sanskriti-Prabha Dutt Fellowship' in the subject line). E-mailed applications should be followed by a hard copy.

The last date for receipt of application is 31 August 2011.

Further information can be had from:

Sanskriti Pratishthan
C-11 Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110016
Telephone: (011) 2696 3226, 2652 7077
Fax: (011) 2685 3383


Friday, June 17, 2011





On the basis of the Written Entrance Examination held on 24th & 25th May 2011 for admission to the various Post-Graduate Diploma Courses for the Academic year 2011 – 12, candidates with the following Roll Numbers have been short-listed to be called for Interview & Group Discussion on merit:

Post-Graduate Diploma Courses


JA10011 JA10185 JA10355 JA10539 JA10699 JD40048 JG70022
JA10016 JA10188 JA10361 JA10543 JA10700 JD40050 JG70024
JA10018 JA10190 JA10365 JA10553 JA10711 JD40052 JG70025
JA10019 JA10201 JA10366 JA10554 JA10715 JD40054 JG70026
JA10021 JA10202 JA10369 JA10559 JA10717 JD40057 JG70027
JA10029 JA10203 JA10370 JA10562 JA10723 JD40059 JG70032
JA10033 JA10204 JA10371 JA10567 JA10731 JD40061 JG70034
JA10036 JA10205 JA10379 JA10568 JA10746 JD40063 JG70036
JA10038 JA10206 JA10381 JA10575 JA10748 JD40064 JG70037
JA10041 JA10212 JA10384 JA10579 JA10760 JD40066 JG70039
JA10045 JA10221 JA10387 JA10580 JA10767 JD40068 JG70040
JA10065 JA10222 JA10389 JA10581 JA10770 JD40069 JH80005
JA10067 JA10225 JA10390 JA10582 JA10772 JD40070 JH80018
JA10068 JA10233 JA10391 JA10584 JA10774 JD40072 JH80021
JA10071 JA10238 JA10403 JA10588 JA10775 JD40080 JH80026
JA10072 JA10241 JA10405 JA10591 JA10777 JD40087 JH80027
JA10076 JA10242 JA10408 JA10592 JA10786 JD40090 JH80034
JA10077 JA10247 JA10420 JA10593 JA10797 JD40095 JI90002
JA10078 JA10250 JA10429 JA10597 JA10804 JE50003 JI90004
JA10084 JA10255 JA10437 JA10602 JA10806 JE50004 JI90007
JA10087 JA10257 JA10440 JA10607 JB20008 JE50005 JJ00002
JA10088 JA10262 JA10442 JA10611 JB20010 JE50009
JA10092 JA10281 JA10454 JA10617 JB20012 JE50010
JA10093 JA10282 JA10458 JA10620 JB20071 JE50011
JA10094 JA10286 JA10459 JA10623 JC30007 JE50012
JA10106 JA10287 JA10461 JA10633 JC30027 JF60002
JA10115 JA10292 JA10462 JA10638 JC30028 JF60008
JA10118 JA10293 JA10474 JA10639 JC30036 JF60015
JA10119 JA10295 JA10478 JA10645 JC30045 JF60016
JA10134 JA10296 JA10480 JA10648 JC30061 JG70004
JA10137 JA10297 JA10484 JA10661 JD40010 JG70006
JA10141 JA10303 JA10486 JA10667 JD40011 JG70010
JA10144 JA10306 JA10489 JA10673 JD40020 JG70012
JA10146 JA10311 JA10490 JA10677 JD40027 JG70013
JA10147 JA10319 JA10496 JA10678 JD40033 JG70014
JA10156 JA10323 JA10500 JA10682 JD40034 JG70015
JA10168 JA10329 JA10503 JA10685 JD40035 JG70016
JA10169 JA10337 JA10507 JA10686 JD40037 JG70018
JA10183 JA10340 JA10514 JA10690 JD40041 JG70019
JA10184 JA10343 JA10534 JA10696 JD40043 JG70020


JA10006 JA10218 JA10453 JA10808 JC30059
JA10014 JA10223 JA10485 JB20007 JC30060
JA10017 JA10226 JA10501 JB20014 JG70029
JA10023 JA10230 JA10504 JB20015 JH80007
JA10028 JA10235 JA10573 JB20020 JI90003
JA10030 JA10236 JA10574 JB20024 JI90006
JA10035 JA10239 JA10600 JB20031
JA10053 JA10251 JA10616 JB20032
JA10056 JA10266 JA10622 JB20046
JA10057 JA10267 JA10632 JB20047
JA10058 JA10270 JA10644 JB20051
JA10059 JA10277 JA10647 JB20055
JA10070 JA10294 JA10657 JB20059
JA10075 JA10314 JA10663 JB20061
JA10080 JA10327 JA10669 JB20063
JA10091 JA10345 JA10679 JB20069
JA10103 JA10352 JA10680 JB20072
JA10107 JA10354 JA10691 JB20073
JA10112 JA10360 JA10692 JB20074
JA10128 JA10362 JA10707 JC30004
JA10139 JA10372 JA10716 JC30005
JA10143 JA10373 JA10759 JC30014
JA10157 JA10374 JA10761 JC30020
JA10161 JA10378 JA10768 JC30026
JA10166 JA10395 JA10778 JC30031
JA10177 JA10404 JA10779 JC30039
JA10182 JA10428 JA10781 JC30040
JA10186 JA10432 JA10782 JC30047
JA10191 JA10433 JA10791 JC30049
JA10194 JA10451 JA10796 JC30050


RA10006 RA10240 RA10411 RB20033
RA10009 RA10242 RA10423 RB20037
RA10014 RA10259 RA10445 RB20054
RA10028 RA10263 RA10447 RB20055
RA10056 RA10264 RA10485 RC30006
RA10073 RA10268 RA10491 RC30008
RA10074 RA10271 RA10508 RD40006
RA10075 RA10288 RA10523 RD40015
RA10078 RA10304 RA10531 RD40026
RA10100 RA10305 RA10532 RD40031
RA10108 RA10314 RA10533 RD40036
RA10110 RA10321 RA10538 RD40055
RA10113 RA10325 RA10561 RE50005
RA10115 RA10327 RA10563 RE50011
RA10147 RA10332 RA10567 RE50012
RA10151 RA10333 RA10568 RF60008
RA10152 RA10337 RA10576 RF60009
RA10155 RA10343 RA10584 RG70013
RA10176 RA10352 RA10596 RG70015
RA10200 RA10356 RA10610 RG70019
RA10202 RA10366 RA10630 RI90004
RA10204 RA10381 RA10653
RA10212 RA10396 RB20012
RA10218 RA10401 RB20013
RA10221 RA10404 RB20028


AA10001 AA10191 AA10684 AA11025 AC30044 AH80055
AA10011 AA10251 AA10690 AA11057 AD40009 AH80056
AA10012 AA10254 AA10691 AA11059 AD40017 AI90002
AA10013 AA10258 AA10708 AA11064 AD40019
AA10033 AA10261 AA10714 AA11081 AD40028
AA10040 AA10267 AA10720 AA11083 AD40042
AA10042 AA10321 AA10739 AA11090 AD40045
AA10045 AA10332 AA10763 AA11099 AD40046
AA10051 AA10377 AA10789 AA11101 AD40053
AA10056 AA10380 AA10791 AA11104 AD40065
AA10060 AA10397 AA10804 AA11106 AD40073
AA10062 AA10410 AA10824 AA11109 AD40081
AA10065 AA10426 AA10825 AA11110 AD40085
AA10075 AA10448 AA10842 AA11119 AD40093
AA10076 AA10451 AA10843 AA11125 AD40115
AA10079 AA10466 AA10847 AA11132 AD40122
AA10092 AA10481 AA10871 AB20009 AD40128
AA10095 AA10512 AA10874 AB20028 AE50002
AA10097 AA10520 AA10885 AB20043 AE50020
AA10100 AA10530 AA10900 AB20061 AG70007
AA10106 AA10607 AA10901 AB20075 AG70013
AA10122 AA10609 AA10909 AB20080 AG70022
AA10127 AA10617 AA10912 AB20082 AG70024
AA10162 AA10635 AA10917 AB20083 AG70026
AA10168 AA10650 AA10923 AC30010 AG70034
AA10169 AA10655 AA10932 AC30016 AG70038
AA10176 AA10664 AA10948 AC30017 AH80010
AA10183 AA10668 AA10966 AC30020 AH80025
AA10184 AA10669 AA10996 AC30024 AH80028
AA10185 AA10681 AA11019 AC30039 AH80036


OF60001 OF60018
OF60002 OF60019
OF60003 OF60021
OF60004 OF60022
OF60005 OF60023
OF60006 OF60024
OF60007 OF60025
OF60008 OF60026
OF60010 OF60027
OF60011 OF60028
OF60013 OF60029
OF60014 OF60030
OF60017 OF60033

The results are displayed on the Notice Board of IIMC, New Delhi & Dhenkanal, Website of the Institute (

Note:- GD/Interviews will be started from 27 June 2011. Details of Date and Time for each candidate will be displayed on 17 June 2011.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

पत्रकार पर पुलिस दमन, मंडी हाउस में आज शाम 4 बजे बैठक


पूर्व में बिजनेस स्टैंर्डड से जुड़े रहे पत्रकार और आईआईएमसी (नई दिल्ली) के पूर्व छात्र कपिल शर्मा को कल रात दिल्ली के तिमारपुर थाने की पुलिस ने बुरी तरह से रात भर पीटा और थाने में बैठाए रखा। पुलिस कपिल को एक झूठे मामले में फंसाने की कोशिश कर रही है।
इन सबके खिलाफ कपिल शर्मा को न्याय दिलाने के लिए आज शाम एक मिटिंग रखी गई है। आप सभी पत्रकार साथियों, सामाजिक कार्यकर्ताओं, छात्र-नौजवानों से अपील है कि न्याय की इस लड़ाई में अपनी एकजुटता जाहिर करते हुए श्रीराम सेंटर पर एकत्रित हों।

स्थान: श्रीराम सेंटर, मंडी हाउस, नई दिल्ली (नजदीकी मेट्रो स्टेशन मंडी हाउस)

समय: 12 जून, 2011, शाम 4 बजे

कपिल शर्मा - 07827242831
विजय प्रताप - 08826713707
वरुण शैलेश - 09717938007

Thursday, June 9, 2011

City Buzz seeks Reporters in Bangalore

About: City Buzz is a Bangalore-based neighbourhood newspaper which covers a range of subjects. We write about civic issues, people, governance, politics, theatre, arts, movies, food, etc.

Requirement: Reporters — freelance and full-time employees — in Bangalore

Brief job profile: Cover events and write reviews of theatre, arts, food and music, write articles human-interest stories, do interviews.

Experience: One year. Freshers are also welcome

Compensation: Based on candidate's skills; Freelancers will be paid Re 1 per word

Contact person: Chetana Belagere


Phone number: 9448468686

Source: Jobs Media

Parent Circle Magazine needs Content Coordinator

Shri Harini Media Pvt Ltd, an associate of RAMCO Group, is looking for a Content Coordinator in Chennai for its English monthly magazine Parents Circle.

Experience: 0-2 years

Job profile: Collect and develop data & content for website

Contact person: Rangashree Srinivas, Creative Head, Parent Circle


Phone: +91 4424461067
Source: Jobs Media

Network18 seeks Product Manager in Mumbai

Network18 seeks Product Manager in Mumbai.

Experience: 4-5 years experience in digital media

Job Description:

1. The Product Manager will be expected to come up with concept ideas that suit a young internet audience
2. Understanding brand requirements and planning Social Media strategies.
3. Execution of social media strategies across various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and any new platform that arises.
4. Analysis of the brand on Social Media channels and creating regular reports on the performance of the brand digital strategy.
5. Building and managing client relationships.

Ideal candidate:

1. Should have done a postgraduate course in media
2. Should have 4-5 years experience in digital media

Salary: Best in industry

To apply: Please send you applications to Smruti Choudhury at

Phone: 022-43484427
Source: Jobs Media

Leading Radio Channel seeks Programming Head


A well known radio channel, belonging to leading media giant with presence in all media vehicles, is looking for Programming Head.

Location: Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad and Nagpur

Brief job profile: Conceptualising, ideating, scheduling, prioritising different on air programmes, monitoring voice quality, guiding, mentoring the entire creative team and RJs

Experience: 5 to 10 years preferably into print or electronic media (Not looking for people currently working with any of the Radio stations). Please note only Gujarati speaking candidates are required for locations in Gujarat.

Salary range: 6 to 8 lacs pa

Contact person: Monika Modi


Phone number: 9978444911

Source: Jobs Media