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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Re: Climate Change Journalism Fellowships; Deadline October 13

The Climate Change Media Partnership is pleased to invite journalists to apply for a climate change fellowship.
Fellows will attend the UN climate change summit held in Poznan, Poland from 1–12 December 2008 and produce journalism of an excellent standard that will highlight climate change issues within their regions and to an international audience.
The fellowship is open to working journalists who live and work in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America or the Middle East. Women journalists and journalists from under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.
This is an exciting opportunity for editors to gain coverage of the summit through their staff reporters. It is also an exciting opportunity for the journalists selected to enhance their knowledge of environmental issues with the support of the Climate Change Media Partnership, and to develop their professional journalism skills through the media activities offered during the summit.
The deadline for applications is Monday 13 October. An international panel will select the fellows and successful applicants will be notified by 31 October.
Applications should be sent preferably as an email attachment to:
They can also be sent by fax to: +44 207 278 0345, or by post to:
Climate Change Media Partnership, Panos London, 9 White Lion Street, N1 9PD, UK.
Source:- Jobs Media

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Justice for Soumya - Please join Us !.

I never find your signature over there on petition
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2008/10/4 OIPA – India Representative <>
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Please sign this online petition also -

IIMC Alumni Association.
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Candle Vigil to get justice for Soumya

Our alumni Vikash Yadav has informed us that there is a Candle Vigil to press the demand of "Justice For Soumya" by RWA of C-9, Vasant Kunj at 7 pm on October 5.
Place- C-5, Vasant Kunj
Time- 7 pm
Date- 5 October, 2008
Please participate to raise you voice.

IIMC Alumni Association

Friday, October 3, 2008

Justice for Soumya - Please join Us !

From: Aditya Raj Kaul []
Subject: Justice for Soumya - Please join Us !

Forwarded Message by Achint Anand, Headlines Today


All of you are aware of the tragic passing away of our colleague Soumya Viswanathan.

A promising young Producer, Soumya was loved by her seniors and peers, and revered by her juniors. Soumya was murdered while driving back home from work after completing an unusually long shift at work, having stayed back to help with her channel Headlines Today's coverage of the blasts in Gujarat and Maharashtra on the 29th of September, 2008.

She was killed by a bullet to her head in the wee hours of Tuesday, the 30th of September.

We are waiting for the police to find the person (or people) who committed this dastardly act. We are waiting for answers, as we struggle to come to terms with our dear friend's unfair death.

But while we wait, we want to help the investigation. We want to do what we can to do the only thing we can for Soumya – find the murderer, who is still walking free.

To that end, we want to launch a campaign – Justice for Soumya, of the sort we have participated in on numerous occasions for the likes of Aarushi Talwar, Jessica Lal, Nitish Katara, Priyadarshini Mattoo and others.

This note is to invite you to join the campaign. This is to request you to lend your voice, lend whatever power you have, to help us in our campaign.

Come. Bring your friends. Bring whoever you think can help us.

VENUE: The Press Club of India, Raisina Road, New Delhi

DATE: 4th October 2008 (Saturday)

TIME: 1.00pm


Friends of Soumya Viswanathan

Reuters AlertNet seeks humanitarian journalist

Reuters AlertNet, the world's favourite humanitarian news website, is looking for a well-rounded and energetic journalist to add sub-continental expertise to its editorial operations.


The successful candidate will work in the Reuters office in Delhi but will be part of a London-based team dedicated to keeping relief professionals, educators, journalists and members of the general public informed about humanitarian crises around the globe. The post will also be part of a global network which deploys to disaster zones to provide news and information to those needing emergency relief.  


AlertNet ( is an award-winning website run by the charitable Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Candidates will need to demonstrate a wide range of skills. They should feel equally comfortable explaining the nuances of the global food aid system in plain and vivid English, hitting the phones to report relief efforts after an earthquake or forging contacts in the aid industry.


Duties will include:


  • Reporting on humanitarian issues for the AlertNet website and the global Reuters wire
  • Helping to bring aid themes to life through informal blogs and chatty explainers
  • Keeping the AlertNet website updated during Asian hours
  • Routine tasks such as updating online crisis briefings and publishing photo galleries
  • Developing relationships with regional aid workers, government agencies, humanitarian experts and journalists
  • Making those relationships work in the interests of the emergency news provision.  


This is an excellent opportunity for a motivated journalist to make a real difference in a dynamic team that aims to put Reuters principles of speed, accuracy and objectivity at the disposal of the relief community.


The successful candidate will be given a contract for 12 months with a view to renewal.


Job specifications – required skills, knowledge and experience


  • Strong communication skills, solid news judgement and a demonstrable interest in humanitarian issues essential
  • Fluency in an Asian language and ability to write excellent English
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines, juggle diverse tasks and think creatively
  • A good track record of building contacts and bringing projects to fruition
  • Computer literacy a must, along with an interest in online media



Location: Delhi

Terms offered under: Local

Immediate manager: Timothy Large

Contact with questions: in Delhi or in London

Applications to:

Deadline for applications: 10th Oct, 2008

Femina is looking for a features writer

Hi All,
Femina is looking for a features writer in Mumbai to write on relationships. Those applying should have at least 1-2 years of experience in feature writing. Kindly send your resumes to
IIMC AD & PR 2004

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

सौम्या का हत्यारा कौन..?

सौम्या विश्वनाथन नहीं रहीं. ईमका के ग्रुप मेल पर कभी-कभार जूनियरों का उत्साह बढ़ाने वाले उनके मेल ही यादों के नाम पर मेरे पास हैं.
पता नहीं, किन हालातों में उनकी हत्या की गई लेकिन पुलिस की लापरवाही का इससे बड़ा प्रमाण और क्या हो सकता है कि पोस्टमार्टम से पहले तक उसे पता ही नहीं चला कि सौम्या जी को गोली मारी गई है.
जिस समाचार संगठन में वो काम करती थीं, उसने दूसरे समाचार संगठनों के साथियों को बुलाकर हत्या का सच सामने लाने की कोशिश करने की बजाय उस खबर को तब तक दबाए रखने की कोशिश की जब तक कि दूसरे चैनल ने उसे "ब्रेक" नहीं कर दिया.
सौम्या जी नहीं लौट सकतीं. लेकिन सच सामने लाने के पेशे से जुड़े लोगों के सामने वो एक सवाल तो छोड़ ही गई हैं कि अगर वो किसी कॉल सेंटर की कर्मचारी होतीं या किसी दूसरे पेशे से जुड़ी होतीं तो क्या खबरों की दुनिया उनकी हत्या को इतने हल्के से ही लेता. ये सिर्फ दुखद और सदमा नहीं है, अफसोसजनक भी है.
ईश्वर आपकी आत्मा को शांति दे और पुलिस को इतनी बुद्धि दे कि वो आपके हत्यारों को पकड़ सके.
हिंदी पत्रकारिता, 2005-06

Tribute To Somya Vishwanathan


An IIMC Alumni, Ms. Somya Vishwanathan, a TV Journalist was shot dead yesterday while returning home from office. Let's join hands and pay homage to departed soul, May god bless her soul with peace.

Harsh Verdhan