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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

MoM | Lucknow- Uttar Pradesh Chapter Meeting | 23 September, 2016

Dear IIMCians,

Uttar Pradesh Chapter of IIMC Alumni Association met at the residence of Organisation Secretary Mrs. Kamlesh Rathore on September 23rd, 2016. General Secretary Mr. Pankaj Jha, Treasurer Mr. Laxmi Shankar Mishra, Mr. Bhai Shelly, Mr. Abhishek Sinha, Mr. Avinash Rai, Md. Imtiyaz Ahmad, Mr. Ramendra Singh, Mr. Sushil Chandra Tiwari, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Nigam, Ms. Shikha Singh, Ms. Surekha Shukla, Mr. Tarun Nishant and Mr. Utkarsh Chaturvedi attended the meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting:-
1. Chapter Committee will meet once in three months.
2. Chapter Committee will arrange family get together during festivals.
3. Chapter will organise a seminar soon.
4. Chapter Committee will try to contact alumni not in touch so far and include them in chapter activities. 
5. It will encourage alumni in other cities of state to meet under the banner of IIMC Alumni Association as well.

Thanks & Regards
Pankaj Jha
General Secretary, UP
IIMC Alumni Association

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