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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Afsan Chowdhury receives Ihsanul Karim Award for Media Excellence, IIMCAA Bangladesh Elects New Committee

IIMC Alumni Association, Bangladesh conferred the first Ihsanul Karim Award for Media Excellence to Mr. Afsan Chowdhury, Bangladesh's prominent liberation war researcher, columnist, Ekushey medalist and veteran journalist.  A cash prize of 1 Lakh Taka, crest and certificate were given as awards in a ceremony held at Dhaka Club on 11th May.

Bangladesh Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury attended the event as chief guest. Mr. Hossain said that Bangladesh India relations should not depend on which party is in power in the country. Bangladesh India relations should be a permanent bond based on mutual welfare. He said that the friendship between Bangladesh and India will last on the basis of constructive dialogue and cooperation to meet mutual challenges and develop regional prosperity.

National Press Club President Ms. Farida Yasmin MP spoke as the special guest on the occasion. Valiant freedom fighter and Former Managing Director of Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha Mr. Azizul Islam Bhuiya presided over the event that was addressed by Editor of United News of Bangladesh Mr. Farid Hossain, General Secretary of the organization Mr. Zahid Newaz Khan and Central Committee Treasurer Mr. Animesh Biswas.

Prior to this, a new committee of 13 members was formed for the period 2024-26 of IIMC Alumni Association, Bangladesh with Mr. Farid Hossain as President and Ms. Angur Nahar Monty as General Secretary in the biennial general meeting.

IIMCAA, Bangladesh New Committee

President- Farid Hossain
Senior Vice President- M Rahmat Ali
Vice President- M Zahid Newaz Khan
General Secretary- Angur Nahar Monty
Organisation Secretary- Gani Adam Chowdhury
Treasurer- Naznin Akhter
International Relationship Secretary- Ranjen Sen
Executive Member- Azizul Islam Bhuiyan
Executive Member- Nazrul Islam
Executive Member- Dipankar Bar
Executive Member- Maruf Newaz
Executive Member- Mehedi Momen
Executive Member- Wares Hosen

- EoM

Ms. Puja Mishra | Coordinator - IIMCAA Awards 2024

Dear IIMCians, 

Ms. Puja Mishra, 2012-13 batch alumna (EJ, Dhenkanal), will be Coordinator for IIMCAA Awards 2024.

Ms. Mishra works in the Outreach & Corporate Communication department of ABP Network.

Thanks & Regards, 
Deeksha Sakena
General Secretary

Related Notifications

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Invite & Advisory - Connections 2024 on 25 February at IIMC HQ, New Delhi

NOTE: If you are planning to attend the Connections Meet in Delhi, please read this email carefully and follow the advisory to avoid any inconvenience.

Dear IIMCians,

The IIMC Alumni Association cordially invites you to attend its 12th Global Meet - Connections 2024 on 25th February, Sunday, at the IIMC HQ in New Delhi, starting at 4.00 PM. Connections, our series of annual gatherings held in various cities in India and abroad, will be inaugurated in Delhi this Sunday.

The Delhi Meet is exclusively open to IIMCAA members who have either taken lifetime/ annual membership or renewed their membership after 1st April 2023. If you are not yet an IIMCAA member, we encourage you to visit our website and sign up for an annual or lifetime membership. For those who enrolled a few years ago, it is now time to renew your membership. Guests and students are not required to pay to register. Membership Link-

Alternatively, you may register on-site on 25th February to enter the meet venue. The on-site registration fee is ₹1500 (inclusive of taxes), and registration counters will be set up outside the IIMC gate.

Inside the venue, registration counters will provide coupons for the lucky draw and dinner, along with a token gift, to registered members, students and guests only. Please note that the lucky draw counters will close at 4:30 PM. We advise arriving early to complete your registration before the closure.

Advisory for Attending Connections 2024 in Delhi:

No Smoking/ No Drinking: IIMC campus is a prohibited zone for smoking and liquor consumption. All participants shall adhere to this order. Violation can lead to expulsion from the event venue.

Entry: Please cooperate with the security arrangements at the gate. Security staff will have separate lists for Lifetime Members, Annual Members (who paid after 1 April 2023), Guests, Sponsors, etc. Kindly provide your membership number and show a photo ID for entry. The members' list will be finally updated on 24th February for the event.

Search your membership number here using control find option-

Parking: Due to ongoing construction works at IIMC, no parking is available for members/ guests. We advise using public transport such as the Metro, auto-rickshaws, or taxis to reach IIMC and for your return journey.

Lucky Draw: You will receive lucky draw coupons at the registration counters, which are designated for Lifetime Members, Annual Members, Sponsors, Guests, Silver Jubilee Alumni Batch, and current batch students. Please fill out and submit your coupons at the counter before 4:30 PM.

The first lucky draw will take place at approximately 4:45 PM, with surprise draws continuing until 8:00 PM. Winners' names will be called three times; if the winner is not present on stage by the third call, the prize will be forfeited, and the coupon will be discarded for subsequent draws.

Family: Attendees may bring their spouse, parents, or children only. Friends, colleagues, and distant relatives are strictly prohibited.

Dinner: Each member, student, and guest will receive one dinner coupon. If you are accompanied by parents, a spouse, or children above 12 years of age, please purchase additional coupons for each at ₹500 per person, including tax. Entry to the dinner area will be granted only with a valid food coupon.

For further inquiries, please send a WhatsApp message to IIMCAA at 9560016061. Please note that calls to this number will not be answered.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at Connections 2024.

Warm regards,
Deeksha Saksena
General Secretary
IIMC Alumni Association

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Friday, November 3, 2023

AGM Decisions - IIMCAA to Organise Connections and Awards Separately | Scholarships on Hold | Membership Fee Hiked

Dear IIMCians, 

The Annual General Body Meeting of IIMC Alumni Association was convened at IIMC HQ, New Delhi on 29th October, 2023. IIMCAA President Mr. Kalyan Ranjan presided over the meeting which was attended by President Elect Ms. Simrat Gulati, Former Principal DG of PIB & DG of IIMC Mr. KS Dhatwalia and other alumni. It discussed various issues listed in the agenda and has decided as follows.

Minutes of the Meeting:-

Agenda 01. IIMCAA Awards Review: The General Body discussed the recommendations of the IIMCAA Awards Review Committee for adoption, which were approved by the central committee on 1st October and the governing council on 8th October. Recommendations were read out to the members and suggestions were invited.

Mr. Mehraj Dube presented two suggestions.

a. A few categories of IIMCAA Awards should be reserved for IIMCians only
b. Do not put any restrictions on eligibility to apply for a winner of cash award. 

The General Body deliberated recommendations and suggestions at length. It unanimously adopted the recommendations without any change. Here is the text.

*Recommendations of IIMCAA Awards Review Committee Meetings*

The following is a summation of the points on which consensus was achieved through discussions we have had on 27th August and 3rd, 10th and 30th September, 2023:

1. IIMCAA shall organise Connections and Awards separately.

2. The IIMCAA Awards shall be made open to all practitioners in their respective fields across the industry, and not be limited to IIMC alumni. This will help the IIMCAA Awards grow in stature and strive towards attaining a truly national footprint.

3. The fundamental objective being to expand the ambit from a smaller pool of contenders to a more representative one spanning the industry, rules shall be framed that define eligibility.

The two primary rules are as under:
A. The winner of a cash award shall automatically cease to be eligible for the next two seasons of IIMCAA Awards.
B. Three-time cash award winners shall cease to be eligible for the next three seasons of IIMCAA Awards.

The above two clauses shall come into operation immediately, with retrospective effect from the IIMCAA Awards 2023. That is, a cash award winner from 2023 will not be in contention for another cash award through the years 2024-25 and shall regain eligibility only in 2026. Similarly, an applicant who won his or her third cash award in 2023 will be eligible to apply for a cash award next in 2027.

4. Honorary awards, mentions and other such forms of recognition accorded to industry personnel, alumni or IIMCAA chapters - which will continue to be decided by the central committee - shall be given under the umbrella of 'Connections Awards'. These will be delinked from the IIMCAA Awards event and will be given at the Connections event.

5. The main awards, which are decided by a jury and carry a cash reward, have been restructured into nine categories* as stated below:

A. Journalist of the Year
B. Reporter of the Year, Publishing
C. Reporter of the Year, Broadcast
D. Agriculture Reporter of the Year
E. Indian Language Reporter of the Year, Publishing
F. Indian Language Reporter of the Year, Broadcast
G. Producer of the Year
H. Ad Person of the Year
I. PR Person of the Year

* Of these nine categories, the first three -- i.e. Journalist of the Year, Reporter of the Year- Publishing and Reporter of the Year- Broadcast - shall be selected from the same pool of applicants.

6. Further bars on eligibility for IIMCAA Awards Applicants

The question of whether aspects extraneous to an applicant's body of work (such as conduct on public platforms or private spheres involving others) could be made valid grounds for disqualification was taken up for discussion. The key question was whether these should take the form of blanket rules or merely guidelines.

As an alumni association that represents the media industry, it is well within IIMCAA's remit to stand for a public ethos that fosters the best communication practices. But it is difficult to clearly define the boundaries of such an ethos, except to say it would entail both a prohibitive attitude towards malicious acts/ behaviour and not be prohibitive towards open, democratic expression.

Consequently, it was decided that only acts or behaviour that run afoul of the law would be kept strictly within the framed rules for disqualification. Every applicant must give an undertaking to this effect, as framed by IIMCAA. Everything else shall be included within a broad set of guidelines, as stated below, and as adopted from the best universal practices.

IIMCAA Awards Guidelines

IIMCAA expects that an applicant for its awards will not be in breach of the principles of reasonable conduct* with regard to acts in the public (or interpersonal) sphere:

*Reasonable conduct shall include the following:

A. Not be committing or encouraging any violation of the basic laws that govern public and private good
B. Not be encouraging physical harm to individuals or groups or causing any other form of threat to public safety
C. Not be committing or encouraging acts of offence, insult or verbal violence in any form on any person or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, bodily or other intrinsic attributes, and ailments
D. Be refraining from weaponizing sexually explicit language and excessive profanity for the purposes of causing offence to individuals or groups
E. Not be engaging in behaviour that amounts to online harassment of any individual or group, including peers, through persistent verbal (or visual) targeting committed with the intention of causing insult, offence or harm
F. The phrase 'individual', 'person' or 'group' shall be taken to include the IIMCAA community as a whole or its members

IIMCAA shall reserve the right to disqualify an applicant if he or she is found to be in blatant breach of the stated principles or anything analogous to those. Such disqualification will be done in a transparent manner, through internal discussions or, if need be, a vote and the grounds for proceeding thus shall be made available to an independent ombudsman, if so required or demanded.

Agenda 02. IIMCAA Scholarships Review: The General Body reviewed the IIMCAA Scholarships scheme. IIMCAA facilitated 11 Scholarships in 2019, 27 in 2020, 28 in 2022 and 30 in 2023. Students received an assistance of 25000 INR each under this initiative jointly run by IIMCAA, alumni and well wishes of IIMC and IIMCAA. 

Members noted with pain that more than 90% beneficiaries of IIMCAA Scholarships chose not to become a member of IIMCAA after passing out from IIMC. IIMCAA received complaints every year that a few scholarships were given to students of well-to-do families. A proposal was moved to discontinue the initiative. 

Mr. Karan Seth suggested to retain the scholarship for special cases if the institute recommends a student in need. 

The general body, while discussing positive and negative aspects of the initiative, has decided unanimously to put the IIMCAA Scholarships on hold for now.

Agenda 03. IIMCAA Membership Fee Review: IIMCAA had fixed a 500 INR annual membership fee in 2012. A need to review it was felt after ten years. The General Body unanimously passed a resolution to raise the annual membership fee to 1000 INR plus taxes. Lifetime Membership will remain the same, 10000 INR plus taxes.

Agenda 04. Unlisted Agenda: Members of the General Body were requested to present an agenda/ a proposal for discussion if they have one. No one put an agenda or a proposal for consideration. 

Agenda 05. Central Committee Charge Handover: Outgoing IIMCAA President Mr. Kalyan Ranjan handed over the charge of the central committee to President Elect Ms. Simrat Gulati. Mr. Ranjan and Ms. Gulati signed the required documents as a token of transition of power.

Agenda 06. Vote of Thanks: IIMCAA Treasurer Mr. Badri Nath presented a vote of thanks to general body members who attended the meeting. 

Thanks & Regards,
Deeksha Saksena
General Secretary

Friday, October 13, 2023

IIMCAA Annual General Body Meeting - 29 October, 2023 (Sunday) at IIMC HQ, New Delhi

Dear IIMCians,

The Annual General Body Meeting will take place on 29th October, 2023 (Sunday) at IIMC HQ, New Delhi at 4.00 PM. 

1. IIMCAA Awards Review Committee Recommendations that has been approved by the central committee and governing council
2. IIMCAA Scholarships Review
3. IIMCAA Membership Fee Review
4. Any issue that is raised by a member present at the AGM. 

Thanks & Regards,
Deeksha Saksena
General Secretary

Monday, October 2, 2023

MoM- Central Committee Accepts IIMCAA Awards Review Committee Recommendations, AGM on 29th October

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee (CC) met on 1st October, 2023 at IIMC HQ, New Delhi. Executive President Ms. Gayatri Srivastava presided over the meeting that was attended by IIMCAA Care Fund Chairman Mr. Nitin Pradhan, IIMCAA Executive President Mr. Manish Gupta, Vice Presidents Mr. Rai Umraopati Ray, Mr. Mridul Chandra, Mr. Prashant Chahal, General Secretary Ms. Deeksha Saksena, Secretaries Ms. Sneha Bhattacharjee, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Jha, Mr. Shankar Pandit, Treasurer Mr. Animesh Biswas, Communications Head Ms. Kanishka Tiwari, Executive Members Mr. Ritesh Verma, Mr. Kumar Govind Krishn, Ms. Vani Shukla, Md. Ijaj Khan, Md. Saklen Akhtar and other alumni.

1. CC accepted the recommendations of IIMCAA Awards Review Committee that met on 27th August, 3rd, 10th and 30th September, 2023. These recommendations will now be presented before the Governing Council and General Body for approval. New set of rules and guidelines will be announced once it is approved by the general body.

2. CC decided to host the Annual General Body Meeting on 29th October, 2023 (Sunday) at 4.00 PM at IIMC HQ, New Delhi. It also approved the agenda for the AGM. 

A. IIMCAA Awards Review Committee Recommendations
B. Any issue that is raised by a member present at the AGM. 

3. Any other issues were neither raised nor discussed at the CC meeting.

Thanks & Regards,
Deeksha Saksena
General Secretary

Friday, September 15, 2023

IIMCAA Elections 2023: Simrat Gulati Panel Elected Unopposed

Dear All, 

Today was the last date for scrutiny and withdrawal of nominations for the election of IIMCA Alumni Association 2023. The panel led by Ms. Simrat Gulati is the only panel, which has filed nominations. 

After duly scrutinising the nomination forms, the panel of Ms. Simrat Gulati is being declared elected uncontested. 

My sincere wishes to the new team. 

Thanks and Regards, 
Prof. Govind Singh
Election Commissioner 
IIMCAA Elections 2023

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

IIMCAA Elections 2023: Simrat Gulati Files Nomination, 75 Members Back Official Panel as Proposer

Dear IIMCians,

Ms. Simrat Gulati has filed nomination papers for IIMCAA Elections 2023 before Election Commissioner Prof Govind Singh on 13th September. The Central Committee has picked a 27 member panel, led by Ms. Gulati, to contest the biennial elections of the association. 

Ms. Gulati was accompanied by General Secretary nominee Ms. Deeksha Saksena, Executive Member nominees Mr. Ritesh Verma and Mr. Kunal Kishore. Election Officer Mr. Subhash Kumar Prajapati was also present at the time of nomination.

Ms. Gulati has filed her nominations in eight sets. A total 75 IIMCAA members have backed this panel as a proposer. Here is the list and their details.

Nomination Set 01- Central Committee/ Former President/ Founding Member

1Kalyan Ranjan1990-91Central CommitteePresident
2Sunila Dhar1981-82Central CommitteeEx President
3Harshendra Singh Verdhan2004-05Central CommitteeVice President/ Co-founder
4Kaushal Vishwakarma2008-09Central CommitteeVice President
5Prabhat Upadhyay2012-13Central CommitteeVice President
6Shreesh Chandra Singh2012-13Central CommitteeCoordinator- IIMC Affairs
7Atul Gupta2013-14Central CommitteeSecretary
8Anand Bhushan2003-04Central CommitteeEx Executive President
9Reetesh Anand2006-07Central CommitteeEx Executive President
10Gaurav H Dikshit2004-05Central CommitteeEx Treasurer/ Co-founder

Nomination Set 02- Chapter Presidents/ General Secretaries/ Former Presidents

1Samudra Gupta Kashyap1985-86North EastPresident
2Rajender Kataria1989-90KarnatakaPresident
3Bhola Nath1989-90BiharPresident
4Alice Guram1991-92Punjab-Haryana-HimachalPresident
5Anil Saumitra1996-97Madhya PradeshEx President
6Anwar Ashraf1997-98Germany-EuropePresident
7M Zahid Newaz Khan2000BangladeshGeneral Secretary
8Sanjay Kumar Sahoo2002-03OdishaPresident
9Anil Giri2005NepalPresident
10Marinder Mishra2008-09Uttar PradeshPresident

Nomination Set 03- Former Chapter Presidents/ Current General Secretaries/ Coordinator

1Ramesh Muniyappa1991-92KarnatakaEx President
2Santosh Kumar1991-92ChhattisgarhEx General Secretary
3Amrita Maurya1994-95RajasthanEx President
4Braj Kishore1995-96West BengalEx President
5Rajesh Parida1996-97Andhra Pradesh & TelanganaEx General Secretary
6Neeraj Bajpai1998-99MaharashtraEx General Secretary
7Byomakesh Biswal1999-2000Andhra Pradesh & TelanganaEx President
8Rakesh Kumar Mohanty2002-03Andhra Pradesh & TelanganaEx General Secretary
9Manoj Kumar Ojha2003-04CanadaCoordinator
10AR Hemant2004-05KarnatakaGeneral Secretary

Nomination Set 04- Former Central and Chapter Committee Office Bearers

1Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra2002-03OdishaGeneral Secretary
2Debiprasad Nayak2002-03MaharashtraFormer Office Bearer
3Prabhat Kumar2004-05Central CommitteeEx Secretary
4Amit Kanaujia2005-06Central CommitteeEx Secretary
5Rishi Kumar Singh2007-08Central CommitteeFormer Office Bearer
6Ranveer Singh2008-09Central CommitteeFormer Office Bearer
7Ankit Roy2012-13Central CommitteeFormer Office Bearer
8Abhimanyu Kumar2012-13BiharOrganisation Secretary
9Pragya Swastik2013-14Central CommitteeFormer Office Bearer
10Ajeet Kumar Gupta2017-18Central CommitteeFormer Office Bearer

Nomination Set 05- Lifetime Members

1Nitin Pradhan1990-91IIMCAA Care FundChairman
2Manoj Roorkiwal1993-94NCRGeneral Body Member
3Prabhash Kumar Jha2000-01NCRGeneral Body Member
4Neeraj Jha2000-01Central CommitteeOrganisation Secretary
5Sandeep Kohli2003-04NCRGeneral Body Member
6Dheeraj Kumar Agrawal2004-05MaharashtraGeneral Body Member
7Amarjeet Kumar2011-12BiharGeneral Body Member
8Muni Shankar Pandey2011-12NCRFormer Office Bearer
9Kamini Anant Patil2012-13Central CommitteeEx Secretary
10Om Prakash Gunjan2020-21BiharGeneral Body Member

Nomination Set 06- General Body Members

1Swati Shrivastava Sani1988-89MaharashtraGeneral Body Member
2Nidheesh Tyagi1991-92NCRGeneral Body Member
3Sheela Sinha1991-92NCRGeneral Body Member
4Mukesh Kumar Sinha1991-92NCRGeneral Body Member
5Kasturi Ray1993-94OdishaGeneral Body Member
6Sanjay Mishra1997-98NCRGeneral Body Member
7Devasis Biswal1997-98JharkhandGeneral Body Member
8Priya Ranjan Jha2000-01NCRGeneral Body Member
9Pravin Yadav2003-04NCRGeneral Body Member
10Vishnu Kumar Soni2005-06NCRGeneral Body Member

Nomination Set 07- Current & Former Central & Chapter Committee Office Bearers/ General Body Members

1Mrigendra Pandey2005-06ChhattisgarhOrganisation Secretary
2Satish Kumar Singh2005-06NCRGeneral Body Member
3Ritika Pandey2006-07Germany-EuropeGeneral Secretary
4Saurabh Chaturvedi2006-07SingaporeGeneral Secretary
5Kaveri Ghosh2006-07SingaporeGeneral Body Member
6Keshav Kumar2010-11Central CommitteeFormer Secretary
7Krishna Pophale2010-11MaharashtraGeneral Secretary
8Sadhna Arya2011-12Central CommitteeGeneral Secretary
9Akash Priyan2013-14Central CommitteeFormer Secretary
10Badri Nath2015-16Central CommitteeTreasurer

Nomination Set 08- Current & Former Central & Chapter Committee Office Bearers

1Manisha Singh1999-2000JharkhandGeneral Secretary
2Rahul Sharma2005-06Central CommitteeEx General Secretary
3Sachin Saini2006-07RajasthanPresident
4Pratham Dwivedi2011-12Central CommitteeVice President
5Chaithanya Krishnaraju2013-14KarnatakaOrganisation Secretary

Thanks & Regards,
Sadhna Arya
General Secretary

Monday, September 11, 2023

Central Committee Picks Official Panel Led by Simrat Gulati For IIMCAA Elections 2023

Dear IIMCians,

The Central Committee has picked the official panel led by Ms. Simrat Gulati for the IIMCAA Elections 2023 at a meeting held on 3rd September. IIMCAA President Mr. Kalyan Ranjan presided over the meeting that was attended by CC members and other alumni.

Ms. Gulati will be filing nomination on 13 September, 2023.

Simrat Gulati Panel

1Simrat GulatiPresidentADPRDelhi1984-85
2Gayatri SrivastavaExecutive PresidentEJDelhi1996-97
3Manish GuptaExecutive PresidentEJDhenkanal1997-98
4Rai Umraopati RayVice PresidentEJDhenkanal2004-05
5Mridul ChandraVice PresidentADPRDelhi2006-07
6Prabal BhardwajVice PresidentRTVDelhi2010-11
7Prashant ChahalVice PresidentHJDelhi2010-11
8Puja MishraVice PresidentEJDhenkanal2012-13
9Deeksha SaksenaGeneral SecretaryRTVDelhi2013-14
10Prashant AsthanaOrganisation SecretaryHJDelhi2006-07
11Sneha BhattacharjeeSecretaryEJDhenkanal2009-10
12Gourav GuptaSecretaryEJJammu2013-14
13Sudhir Kumar JhaSecretaryRTVDelhi2014-15
14Surdhani BhagatSecretaryEJAmravati2014-15
15Shankar PanditSecretaryHJDelhi2015-16
16Animesh BiswasTreasurerEJDelhi2005-06
17Kanishka TiwariCommunications HeadEJDelhi2017-18
18Ritesh VermaExecutive MemberHJDelhi2005-06
19Kumar Govind KrishnExecutive MemberHJDelhi2013-14
20Ravi Dutta MishraExecutive MemberEJKottayam2017-18
21Abhishek YadavExecutive MemberADPRDelhi2018-19
22Vani ShuklaExecutive MemberEJAizawl2021-22
23Devabrata DuttaExecutive MemberEJJammu2021-22
24Md Ijaj KhanExecutive MemberEJDhenkanal2021-22
25Kunal KishoreExecutive MemberHJDelhi2022-23
26Saklen AkhtarExecutive MemberRTVDelhi2022-23
27Sachin YadavExecutive MemberADPRDelhi2022-23

Thanks & Regards,
Sadhna Arya
General Secretary